Donald Trump confirms, then denies, father's arrest at Klan rally

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Talk about a rambling response to a question! The shorter version is much snappier:


The combination of thin skin, incoherence, rambling, and self contradiction really says “presidential” doesn’t it?

I mean the US has quite a tradition of electing rambling, incoherent speakers as president - Reagan and Bush Jr. were an embarrassment, but this is at a whole other level. This is Quail/Palin levels of … dumb.


I’ve never felt more like a stranger in my own country as when I read articles about Trump and realize he has a significant number of actual supporters. And I can’t, no matter how hard I try, understand that. Like calculus.
Remember that blue/white dress picture where you could see one color and not the other? I’m talking about that level of strange. And foreign.
How can you listen to him and not be repulsed?
Does the bell curve in this country really go that far that direction?
Maybe there’s no hope.


Those were the days when every man looked like Walt Disney.


I came across an article on Yahoo that said that Trump’s grandfather, who’s last name was Drumpf at the time, made his fortune during the Yukon Gold Rush through liquor and prostitution.

Grampa Drumpf was not an American citizen at that time. Wouldn’t that make him an ‘illegal’?

The article then reported that when Grampa Drumpf went back to Germany he was deported for having dodged their draft. Which means that Grampa Drmpf returned to the US as a refugee.

. #Trumplestiltskin #trumplings


Klanners love the Trumpster!


To be fair, you should not judge the Donald by his father’s actions. You should judge Donald by what Donald does. Frankly, that’s more than enough to know he’s crazy.


I feel you brother. Cognitive dissonance rules my life lately.


Such as “how he responds to allegations that his father was arrested at a Klan rally.”


Trump doesn’t talk about that anymore.

Years ago I found a VHS tape in the $1 bin titled, “Quail Eggs”, and was a supercut of Dan Quayle’s blunders. It was the find of a century for someone who, even in their pre-teen years, could see VP Quayle for what he was. That said, Quayle didn’t go nearly as far as Palin, and even now I’m struggling to figure out whether Mama Bear or The Donald could potentially be The Worst American Politician Evar.


Maybe I couldn’t see the US media as easily then, but my memory of Quayle was that he was quite simply a laughing stock and seen as a liability by republicans. The war against intelligence wasn’t quite so entrenched as it is now. That said I’m pretty sure Reagan was actually taken seriously and internationally he just played as a complete bumbling idiot. He said words. Confidently. But he talked nonsense…

Edit: other countries are not immune of course. Goodness knows we elected Patrick Bartholomew Ahern repeatedly, but the increased scrutiny in the US seems to lead to the dumb doubling down on dumb as a desirable quality. That educating yourself, that your family prioritised education makes you elitist whereas coming from an inherited elite makes you a man of the people like Bush and Trump is … beyond crazy to me.


Donald talk angry
Donald talk bad
Use all those funny words you learned from your dad.
They want a man’s man
They want the Klan’s man…


In addition to his father’s klan history, I think we’ve now seen Trump’s hairline, as well.


and had Disney’s racial views.


I think many of his supporters see him as a regular guy that is doing what they dream of doing (if only they had the money). Namely insulting all the talking heads.

When former CIA director George H. W. Bush, embroiled in allegations surrounding the Iran/Contra scandal during his tenure as vice-president, was running for president, with the prospect of a Democratically-controlled Congress asking questions after the election, he said, “Watch my choice for vice-president. It will tell all.”

And then he nominated Dan Quayle.

Now, personally, I always thought that was a pretty straightforward message:

“If you think you’re gonna impeach me over that Iran-Contra crap, you’d better think twice. You don’t want to end up with ‘President Danny Boy’, do you?”

He may have been a liability to Republicans, but he was a big ol’ fat insurance policy for his boss.


Ha! Brilliant!

I had thought he was more like choosing John Bolton as your UN ambassador. That was a straightforward message of “fuck off, we don’t care what anyone else thinks! And by the by, you’re going to have to listen to this insufferable arssehole and pretend to take him seriously”.