1927 news report: Donald Trump's dad arrested in KKK brawl with cops

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And? So? Per the article - “To be clear, this is not proof that Trump senior—who would later go on
to become a millionnaire real estate developer—was a member of the Ku Klux Klan or even in attendance at the event.”

So why even print this? Trump is a gold mine for finding shit to attack him with. You don’t need to go digging up the sins of the father.

ETA - did you know that Hillary’s dad was a - gasp - Republican? I am not saying that he did or did not eat babies or was a racist - but we all know what Republicans do.


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Given the many examples of real violence and threatened violence coming from Trump supporters, and his convenient overlap with white supremacist rhetoric, this is absolutely relevant to the character of the candidate.

Not that Trump answers questions on anything, but “How did your views on immigration develop?” is a fair and totally relevant question to a political candidate who’s made attacks on immigrants a centerpiece of his campaign. He’s welcome to explain that on his own, but journalists will also get their say. And this story is part of that.

Trump: Making America Racist Again


They got me… and made me part of the system…


A Trump version of Dreams From My Father might go a lot differently…


“family values”


Next time, read the whole article?


Well. It shows where he gets the anti-immigrant hatred from. I for the most part agree though. More than enough hate that’s all his own.

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Well, some of it. I’d say more of it is straight from the right’s election-time handbook. The chapter entitled “Convenient Scapegoats.”


Yeah, I saw that, but I just don’t see the origins as relevant. That may or may not be where he gets his views. Are we supposed to pity him now that we know he didn’t have lot of choice, that was how he was raised? There is now way he will ever change because of his father? I mean the article makes a point that what they are saying is so flimsy, that it is possible none of is is true or relevant (probably to keep from being sued.) It is more like gossiping at this point than journalism.

Trump is a complete clown and 1/2 the shit he says is to be the loud mouth outsider that shoots from the hip. Republicans are all racists any way, so he’s pandering to the base. If he (god helps us all) makes it on the ticket watch him waltz center to appeal to moderates who are just tired of politics as usual.

I still stand by my original statement I’d vote for him if they had a 24/7 reality show follow him around.

ETA - “Yeah I’m a giant douche, but I’m a fun giant douche!”

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And subsequently lost in I forget how many bankruptcies. But the article mainly provides context for the Justice Department’s complaint about “racially discriminatory conduct by Trump agents” that was made when the younger Trump was at least twenty-nine.

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Um, seriously? You’re digging Jason for even posting this because it unfairly smears Little Trump with the (possible) sins of his father, but you’re willing to indiscriminately throw 100% of a party’s membership under the “racist” bus?

Change “all” to “largely” and I’m on board with the under-bussing.


Donald Trump has two words for the author of this piece : “total loser.”

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Nah, that’d just improve his ratings among their own.

No I don’t think all - or even most Republicans are racists. Honestly Trump is like a bad caricature. For sure there are some nut ball Republicans, but there are some quite normal and reasonable ones. Some times my snark meant as satire doesn’t come across right.

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Yeah, seriously. Republican ideology itself – starting with its context-free emphasis on individual achievement and lack thereof, and moving on to its many modes of racist scapegoating, just for starters – is fundamentally racist. To be a Republican is to be a racist, whether one realizes it or not.


Part of me nods vigorously in agreement. But another part hears echos of countless Fox News slurballs concocted with similar ingredients and aimed at Democrats (or refugees, or the Quebecois, or whoever) .

At its roots, racism is naught but a sweeping generalization – so it makes me nervous when I start to agree with any kind of sweeping generalization.

The Klan was not anti-immigrant. They even had an auxiliary for immigrants. They were opposed to some immigrants just as they were opposed to some Americans.

Yeah, just a gentle reminder for opinion purveyors that someone not agreeing with you doesn’t mean someone didn’t read you carefully enough.

My grandfather, Swiss-born but an American citizen during WWII, was about as sympathetic to the Nazis as it was possible to get and stay out of jail. He raised my mother, who claims to be a liberal now, but who (like Hillary Clinton!) volunteered for Goldwater in '64, a mere 12 years before I was born. If I ran for office and someone tried to make hay out of this, I’d be pissed and conclude that the problem wasn’t so much with me as with the media. I almost said “news media,” but come on.

This is America. We all have shitheels in our family trees, and it shouldn’t disqualify any of us from anything. Donald Trump is his own shitheel (much more obviously than most!) and it doesn’t much matter why, even if you could read the psychological tea leaves from 88 years ago.