1927 news report: Donald Trump's dad arrested in KKK brawl with cops

But back then, immigrants that are now “white” were also the target of hate crimes, does it matter?

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In his race to return to the Arizona Senate? His presidential bid was 1964.


How dare you call my mother a liar!

But yes, I meant 1964.

This is interesting trivia, but it doesn’t have any effect on my opinion of Trump. He’s pretty upfront with his hate-mongering. No matter what is revealed about his backstory, he is a bad human being right now, today.


Really hard to forget that this is the party whose presidential candidate in the election before last had to reassure his voters that Obama “is not an Arab,” and whose presidential candidate in the last election enjoyed hunting at a place called Niggerhead.

ETA: Also, hello- Southern strategy? Voter Suppression? On what planet do you get to vote Republican and pretend these kinds of shenanigans don’t reflect on you?


Actually the one thing Trump seems to have an undeniable talent for has been sheltering his personal wealth from his business bankruptcies. He’s never lost his fortune.


I hope you realize this is encouraging news to his supporters. This will bump him up in the polls a little bit.

He is already polling highly among low information voters, and they love stories like this.

WEAK! You are going to search 90 years back to find something about Trumps Father who was arrested, for a unknown reason while others were arrested for a known reason. You went back 90 years to a time before Donald was born, to imply Trump is a racist, because his father may or may not have been involved in the KKK.
Should we search your history? perhaps your ancestors were slave owner.


Especially considering how quickly they’ll point out “Lincoln was a Republican!!”, as if that had more to do with the current state of the party than all the other developments of the last 150 years.


Surely Donald Trump should be judged on what he says and does, as distinct from something his father may or may not have done before he was born? This line that his father might have been KKK, therefore Trump might have inherited KKK values, seems like nonsense to me, not least because children are just as likely to reject their father’s values as embrace them. For every Alessandra Mussolini, there’s a Wafah Dufour bin Laden.

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No one is implying Trump is a racist.

That fact is taken for granted.

This is merely an attempt to delve into some of the possible reasons for that clear and certain fact.


Jeremiah Wright. Bill Ayers. Fred Trump.

To quote what I said above:

Granted at least forty years is still a pretty long time ago, but it still implies that the Trump currently running for office was at least aware of and possibly complicit in his father’s racism. Since you’re a new user there’s not much history to search, but I bet you have a long history of not really reading whatever you’re responding to. I’d take bets on whether you’ll even read this.

Welcome, by the way. I hope you’ll come back to entertain us more.


Oh for… Never mind, all I can do with that is LOL


According to the 1930 Census, 127-24 Devonshire Road is the correct address for Fred Trump, a builder residing with mother, Elizabeth, and brother, John. If Donald Trump wants to make an issue of President Obama’s paternity, I think this is fair game.
(Year: 1930; Census Place: Queens, Queens, New York; Roll: 1597; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 1154; Image: 216.0; FHL microfilm: 2341332)


Just a quick thing i thought about to add some perspective. First off, it is safe to say EVERYONE was more racists back in the mid 20s. Sadly my great grandpa and yours probably had similar views. That is a no brainer.

But also remember the KKK actually had a huge resurgence in the 20s. Now we think of them as this sort of fringe hate group - but in the mid 20s they had 4-5 Million person membership, which was like 15% of the nations white protestant males. No small number. Their popularity increased due to their anti-Catholic push at the time as well as their support for Prohibition. It was more of a Mason-like club (which they modeled on purpose) and way more main stream than it is now. At the end of the 20s there were several things that pretty much killed the KKK as a mainstream organization and its membership fell to 30,000 in the early 30s where it floundered until the civil rights movement began in the 50s and 60s.

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As a Republican I can only hope that the Democrats are stupid enough to make an issue of something like this. This is Freeper-level derp.

That’s something I had not considered. The right has conniptions with Obama simply because his father was Kenyan(*), with Trump as a major standard-bearer in the birther camp. That makes attacking Trump with juicy tidbits from his father’s just a shade less unethical – although it does feel a bit like condoning the use of chemical weapons simply because your enemy is doing it.

(*) They have conniptions for plenty of other reasons, not least his skin color. Though that’s somewhat related to his father as well, innit?

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