Citing Trump as their role model, 2 white guys in Boston beat homeless Latino man nearly to death


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I can’t even…I have no words for this level of stupid…the only thing that surprises me is that it didn’t happen in either Texas or Florida


I’d like to offer my services, Pete Rose special and 10 minutes alone with these two cowards.

PS. I love that once again the GOP presidential candidate goons on the campaign trail fan the flames of racist bigotry in the USA and no one calls them out on it.

PSS. No such thing as an “anchor baby”, that’s a US citizen, last I looked at our Constitution!


Pardon my ignorance, but what is that?
Teh Goog returns a zillion links for the baseball player - does it just mean an ass-whuppin with a baseball bat?


Trump’s response:

When Trump heard about the assault, he told the Globe, “It would be a shame…I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again. They are passionate.”



Bingo! That’s a Pete Rose Special.


Yes Trump & GOP, please send every Man, Woman, Minority, & Veteran in the USA to the Democrats, you’re doing fine!


Well I can’t see any real damage get done with a bookie receipt happening. :smile:

But on topic jeez this guy spouts off crazy racist hate and the party supports him for it and they think this kind of thing won’t happen?


I hear your point, but your description of these men as merely stupid, I feel, stops short of the truth. These guys acted maliciously on their stupid notions, which graduates them from the Minor Leagues of Idiocy to the Major Leagues of Assholery.


An “idiot” & an “asshole” can occupy the same same place at the same time. See the two idiot assholes in the article for evidence.


The stupid, it burns. But not as much, I’m sure, as urine in the eyes.

Fucking assholes (Trump especially).


Oh, I agree. I just don’t feel they can be called merely idiots.


Gee, since when is passion a crime? It’s hard to deliver a good pissing and beating of a homeless Latino without it.

Notice how the majority of Trump’s comments about the incident were defensive about their motives vs. remorseful of their actions?


That’s just… really? He’s basically condoning that shit. Even sort of nodding in grudging approval. Nativism has a long and ugly history in the U.S., and it’s so frustrating and infuriating to watch it wake up again just about every time some Rethuglican wants to get into office. Such heartless selfish fucks, ugh!


Yeah. South Boston. I can imagine Trump doing well there.


Like bearers of the Confederate flag, it’s not fair to call them racists. They are simply passionate about their white heritage.


Yep, they are leading the whole league in assholery!


By their definition, my maternal grandfather was an anchor baby.

I tried to look up who the anchor baby was in the Bush family, but I got lost in the generations. Maybe that’s why they’re unclear on the concept?

Donald Trump’s father appears to be one of the anchor babies in his family.


Jesus, how hard would it have been to say something like “that’s inexcusable behavior and anyone who truly loves this country knows that violence is not the way to make us great again”?