The floodgates have opened spewing hate everywhere


Looks like we’re in for a new wave of overt racism like what has hit Britain after brexit.

Buzzfeed has a running list:

More via Shaun King:

Trump's "first 100 days" plan


It has even spread to the White House…

WH staff watching Herr Drumpf arrive for his meeting…
Surprised that that wad of flax on top of his head didn’t spontaneously combust.

Edit: Staff members listen to President Barack Obama speak about Donald Trump’s victory in the Rose Garden. Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett is at left. White House Communications Director Jen Psaki is at center and to her left is National Security Adviser Susan Rice.


Fuckity fuck. So I found out from the spouse today that if things get to where we move north (she is Canadian) we can actually adopt our 21 year old niece who is biracial… goddamn it America I keep thinking we are above this shit but apparently not we just did good at keeping them quiet and Trump and the GOP have given them the permission to go all out.


That was yesterday, when Obama gave his speech.


It had this caption:

White house staff watching Obama welcome Donald Trump as president.
I have been actively avoiding the news, so I have no real reference other than what folks post...



Yeah, I saw it posted elsewhere and then corrections made.


Latina journalist Maria Hinojosa shuts down Trump adviser on “illegals” | Mic


It has never gone away. Don’t imagine this is some weird resurgence, it’s always bubbling just below the surface of the all the people deeply invested in their white identity. Trump has given them a platform for their “white pride” which to them is a zero-sum game of racial politics.



The election of Obama, and the ensuing 8 year backlash which followed showed that; ironically the people who hated him most also blamed him for " dividing the country" when it was their secret but true feelings about “Others” that was the real division all along.

It’s easier to ignore or gloss over deeply rooted problems than it is to fix them… especially if the people in power stand to benefit from the existence of those problems.


Oh, shit! The look on his face when she pulls out Elie Wiesel… Beautiful. Radical humanism at it’s finest!


In the full video it’s actually clearly readable on his face when she says Elie Wiesel, “But I’m talking about Mexican illegals. Why is she bringing up Jews?”

Seriously, the guy has the intellect of a child.


Check out this series of tweets by Siyanda Mohutsiwa that Wil Wheaton posted on his tumblr. Fucking frightening.


Scary stuff.


I tried returning to twitch a few weeks before the election. I couldn’t stand it. Lots of GGers, guys who will literally speak politely if they know there’s a woman in the chatroom, but then immediately switch to misogyny when she leaves. They try to “libtard speak”, but aren’t smart enough to know not to say “libtard”. And what’s really sad is that a lot of these guys used to be my friends and seem like decent people until tRump became a popular meme. They slipped from laughing at tRump into laughing with tRump because they didn’t realize that when you repeat lies and hatred often enough you start to think it’s normal.

I can’t go back there anymore. I wish I could.


Holy shit…

This nightmare is like The Wave or something.

I guess it’s at least worth knowing where your country stands - on the fucking precipice.



Your name is… Trumpelstiltskin!
(was worth a try)


By “illegals” didn’t Cortes mean “immigrants living here illegally”?

I think Hinojosa’s point is a good one, and I take it to heart, but I worry—isn’t it about a word he used, not about his argument? And doesn’t that play into the narrative of “political correctness run amok”?