Northern California high school student hands out deportation letters to classmates


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The floodgates have opened spewing hate everywhere

The student’s punishment should be four years of civics class.


Actually, he’s just expressing his self interest in the economy.


for fucks sake. oh a tiny toy gun shaped piece of plastic or a an advil gets a suspension and this shitheel gets 'we’re not sure about the punishment?'


Shasta High is in Redding, the capitol of Jefferson.


A “joke”. Jokes are funny. Blatant racism isn’t funny.


Ahh the more rural part of the state… I have driven through there twice.


The President-elect continues to insist his campaign was not.


Hey, at least it wasn’t something scary like an alarm clock.


The answer is obvious; start recording and hand him a note with the words SUSPENSION written on it.


My suggestion is to only drive through. Rural CA and the flipping Jefferson nuts up north are a different breed than us coastal elites. :slight_smile:


“So I threw the rock” -Jello Biafra


Wait, We still have civics classes?

I thought that shit got removed by the end of the 80s.


Proof that asshole’ness starts early in life.


Are you suggesting that government employees should punish an American citizen for words written on paper?

We can’t freak out about our president elect’s unconstitutional ideas about religious tests and what not, then turn around and trash the first amendment ourselves.


Pretty fucked up and stupid. Everyone in America is an immigrant if you go back far enough.


A student threatened other students based on their ethnicity. That’s a punishable offense. Writing it on paper doesn’t make it a sacred form of self-expression that magically dodges the school’s code of conduct.


Good thing this has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment.


Was this perhaps an act of political theater?
Am I giving him too much credit?


Should we post pictures of deportation notices with a picture of a crudely drawn one and ask if people can tell the difference?