Three teens get corporal punishment for participating in national school walkout


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I was joined by two others eventually, two of the smartest students at the school.

I hope the three of you are smart enough to get the hell out of Arkansas as soon as you graduate.


Teens: Violence in schools is out of control!
School: Please report for additional violence.


Bravo, kid. You believed in something, were told not to do it, answered to your conscience, then stood in and took your lumps. No whining, no crying. We need more like you in the world.


Come and see the violence inherent in the system. Help, help, we’re being repressed. :frowning_face:


Sorry, obligatory…


I thought this was going to be a story about how the school had broken the law by carrying out corporal punishment! o_O


" The ‘swats’ were not painful or injuring. It was nothing more than a temporary sting on my thighs. The dean-of-students did stress however that not all punishments like this ended this way. "

Seems pretty obvious the dean realized how absurd it was too.

Can we equip future potential school shooters with paddles? Having them running around schools trying to hit as many as possible with a paddle seems less harmful.


The ironic part is how the these are the bravest students at that school, but their classmates will call them cowards.


INB4 … The only thing that stops a bad school admin with a paddle is a good student with a paddle.


Man, I’m glad my parents moved us out of Arkansas when I was about 11. I’m still glad I don’t live there.


…so America is a developed country, right?


I forgot … is this is the 21st century?



No, it just plays one on TV.


Obviously, we’re still developing… Hopefully, these neanderthals will die out soon.


“This includes every member of the United Nations (except the United States)”


Get on with the developing, but Neanderthals aren’t the problem.


I would have picked option 3 and removed my child from the school.


Their parents need to contact the ACLU and sue the shit out of that school district. It’s not constitutional to punish then any differently for any other unexcused absence. So, unless they’re also going to beat you for being 10 minutes late to class and it’s codified as such, what they did is illegal.


Developed, yes. Civilized, not so much.