Kansas lawmaker introduces bill to permit teachers to hit children hard enough to bruise




They tried to do this in Florida, but the teachers were terrified because the kids might put the Stand Your Ground law into action...


I imagine some conservative parent of a school-age child in Kansas is chuckling to themselves right know while they imagine how much some coastal liberal parent like me is freaking out about this. Because I sure am.


Read it again:

Gail Finney, a Democratic Kansas lawmaker from Kansas, introduced a law...

It seems that in Kansas politics, everybody fails equally and epically.


Yes, by all means. Go ahead and physically strike a "child" who is "over the age of 18," and who is acting out so badly that such physical force is the only viable option.

Then report back.


And people wonder why Columbines happen...


some children that are very defiant and they’re not minding their parents, they're not minding school personnel.

What if the kids are extremely defiant and resist following orders? Will they waterboard them? After all, it's not torture... it's...


"...legalizing the restraint and violent assault of a legal adult by a government agent."

So, just like a police officer.


While I'm not in favor of any form of corporal punishment for children, the article's insistence that the effectiveness of said punishment is well understood is misleading.

It's very hard to study the effects of corporal punishment on children, because it tends to be closely correlated with socioeconomic status, the parents' attitudes towards violence and the disposition of the child.

The wikipedia article on it is quite good, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporal_punishment_in_the_home#Research_on_parental_corporal_punishment .


This is a recipe for disaster.

You strike children, some of them are going to strike back.

Of those that do, some of them are not going to stop. It'll start with broken jaws, busted wrists, maybe a few fractured ribs before the fight can be broken up. Then some "educator" is going to have their skull stove in with a blunt object snapped up in the heat of the moment, sending them to the grave and the student to life in jail.

Nothing like destroying lives in the misguided pursuit of "earning" respect and fostering "discipline".



I imagine some conservative parent of a school-age child in Kansas is chuckling to themselves right know while they imagine how much some coastal liberal parent like me is freaking out about this. Because I sure am.


Someday we'll all stop pretending that any of this was ever for the benefit of the child. Adults hit kids because it feels better, and because they can get away with it. After all, they'll say, "I was hit when I was a kid, and I turned out OK"...


PICARD: Must be rewarding to you to repay others for all those years of misery.
MADRED: What do you mean?
PICARD: Torture has never been a reliable means of extracting information. It is ultimately self-defeating as a means of control. One wonders that it's still practiced.
MADRED: I fail to see where this analysis is leading.
PICARD: Whenever I look at you now, I won't see a powerful Cardassian warrior. I will see a six year old boy who is powerless to protect himself.
MADRED: Be quiet.
PICARD: In spite of all you've done to me, I find you a pitiable man.
MADRED: Picard, stop it, or I will turn this on and leave you here in agony all night.
PICARD: Ah! You called me Picard.
MADRED: What are the Federation's defence plans for Minos Korva?
PICARD: There are four lights.
(Madred uses the agoniser.)
MADRED: There are five lights. How many do you see now?
PICARD: (in agony) You are six years old. Weak and helpless. You cannot hurt me.
MADRED: How many?
PICARD: Sur le Pont d’Avignon / L'on y danse.


Or some kid gets slapped around by their homeroom teacher at school, the only place they used to feel safe in their day-to-day life, and they kill themselves from the depressing realization that there's no such thing as a relatively safe place... Or they shoot the school up... Or they never go back to school and join a gang instead... Or they just sit there and take it and develop an inferiority complex or something.


By all means, my supposition was merely fragmentary, far from comprehensive, just a few of countless horrible scenarios and outcomes not just possible, but in fact demonstrably and overwhelmingly likely.

What a sad state of affairs...


If this bill passes, someone needs to administer some serious corporal punishment to Brownback and the legislative branch, because they've been verrrry bad as of late.

Might as well add the Kochs and the Phelps in there, too.


I am totally 100% behind this legislation. Only 2 minor changes need to be made to correct some spelling errors: "Children" needs to be corrected to "lawmakers", and "teachers" corrected to "taxpayers".


Not surprised that a bill like this has been introduced in the Kansas legislature. It's in the fucking Bible Belt. What do you expect?


Well, like a police officer who's been given permission to beat you for doing nothing that's actually illegal.


So, in practice, like a police officer.