Kansas Senate wants to imprison teachers who assign books it dislikes



More insanity brought to you by those KockBroTeabaggerGOP, no thank you very much!

PS. Little Baby Jesus did NOT walk around with the dinosaurs!


There should be a criminal penalty for sure, but only for legislators who try to constrain teachers and textbooks to tell only their warped and perverse falsehoods.


Double plus ungood.


This is the perfect opportunity for public readings of the very graphically violent and pornographic parts of the Christian bible. Cite the soon-to-be-law regulation, and insist that anyone who brings the Bible into the same room as a child should be prosecuted.


No, the Bible is different because the people being killed are bad. That means it’s okay to expose children to that sort of thing. But books that makes them think, NO!!!


Why burn the books when you can burn the people who read the books!


Typical, “functioning” sadist sociopathic behavior by individuals who gravitate to material power and run on sheer instinct. Bathroom jibe included. Reasoning faculties absent. No surprise that this was coupled with one of their “masters” making a spurious judgment on a nobel prize winning author work being “pornographic”. They are the sort that like to really grind it in. He really wanted to make sure everyone understood they were leveling this at works which are clearly not really pornographic.

I wonder how they hushed them up? Sounds like they are very confident that however they did it, they can really squeeze it in.

This kind of thing belongs in Saudi Arabia or North Korea. Funny how these very sorts are the loudest about being patriotic. Always sad to see them voted in and tolerated, especially when they make it very clear that they are in no way interested in protecting children, but simply exerting spurious power that is damaging to others for the sheer pleasure of being able to get away with it.


Historical archives reveal that Baby Jesus was always accompanied by dinosaurs:


Define “Harmful” materials.

Because one of my teachers gave a kid a stapler once and he stapled his finger. True story.


Those rascal teachers must have been teaching pornography again. Showing biological illustrations of reproductive organs and then explaining how they work?! This is the very definition of pornography! What’s next, teaching The Scarlet Letter?


At the rate these legislators (term used loosely) are going, they may eventually discover fire. In the meantime, I guess they will have to keep huddling in their caves.


I can easily imagine the quandary that would result from presenting a bound version of the very legislation in question to a classroom full of Kansas students.


Jesus wept.

This was possible only because of a perfect storm of Nazi ideological fanaticism on the part of one political party, and absolutely disgusting cringing cowardice on the part of the other.

If you have a brain, stay out of Kansas. They have honest to God thoughtcrime laws there. They make the people who brought you the Scopes monkey trial look like stable geniuses. How the FUCK did a state government get taken over by people who are not only anti-science but actually anti-intelligence? Next they’ll pass a law that will make it illegal to have a college degree. Why the fuck don’t they just abolish all their schools now? At the rate they’re going they’ll get to it some time next year - why wait?

This is proof that Neanderthals did interbreed with humans, and sometimes the Neanderthal strain is dominant. But how the hell did it become dominant in so many all at once.

It is not possible to say too many bad things about this rampant idiocy. It is not possible to read about it without wanting to get stinking drunk and weeping for the future of the human race. I’m heading for the nearest bar. If you have an IQ above 95, I’ll see you there.


This is another one of those things that one branch of the legislature passes but has no actual chance of becoming law, right?


Interesting note: I’m no lawyer, but I have the distinct impression that legislatures at any level in the United States can pass a law that says literally anything at all, and until a court of standing jurisdiction rules it invalid, it will stand. This may mean people will be prosecuted under the law, though the courts may grant other people or institutions standing to challenge the law before it reaches that point.

Can anyone with appropriate legal expertise either affirm or disabuse me of this notion?


Sen. Forrest Knox, an Altoona Republican, said that in society, it’s illegal for a person to show children pornography and that parents should be able to expect that same protection when kids are at school.

Er, what? The first part of the statement rather negates the need for special legislation to prevent the latter from happening, doesn’t it? So they’re not really talking about pornography, are they?


“He who warned the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms, by ringing those bells, and making sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free.”
[Palin’ista circa 21 century]

This is what you get when the GOP goes stupid and denigrates education…

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Lawrence is such a nice town. I’ve really enjoyed several visits there. It must be because the university brings in outsiders.

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Well, crap, wouldn’t you know it…

Earlier in the week, Rep. Joseph Scapa, a Wichita Republican, called a book by Toni Morrison, a Nobel Prize-winning author, pornographic.

Oh, and here’s the author in question…