White supremacist hate groups find approval in Trump's words

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Some of our commenters from a more innocent age/mindset are going to be ever-so-surprised by this latest “revelation”. Who would have thought that a right-wing populist regime would embolden white supremacists and anti-Semites? It’s mind-boggling.


The Idaho white supremacist antisemitic robocallers are back.

I have to think that those calls are violating someone’s terms of service. Why haven’t they been yanked?


We both know the answer: they’re also making money for someone, maybe the same someone with the ToS.


Hey y’all, I just posted this on Facebook and I feel like it’s a pretty good appeal to closet moderates, if you like it plz spread it around.

Republicans, keep in mind that if any part of you is alarmed by the fact that integrity and honesty are rapidly disappearing from the list of core American values, this election is a chance to quietly, anonymously push back.
If you can’t bring yourself to vote D, consider writing in a Republican that you feel you could be proud to vote for. All of us Americans need to put a stop to the course we’re on right now.
Liberals, PLEASE SHARE so as many conservative friends as possible see this. Don’t just Like this!


I’m starting to wonder if these people have just genuinely no grasp of subtlety, and are like Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy. Trump would have to set some fires to crosses in people’s yards for people those people to go, “Hmm… seems a bit racist.”


Shitbirds of a feather.


This here is the most damning evidence. Let’s say I said something and someone took it as racist. Well, I’m not a racist, so the fact you took it that way isn’t on me. My friends and family know me and would agree. Now maybe I would defend myself and clarify, or maybe I wouldn’t because why waste my energy on someone bent on twisting my words.

But what if later I found out KKK member, Nazis, and other supremacists were using my words to not just support their views, but view what I said as promoting and encouraging their views?

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At that point something has gone terribly awry. If I don’t immediately and unequivocally denounce this, it makes me complicit. Now maybe one could argue I am still not a racist per se. But if I don’t counter and defend myself while condemning others and distance myself - then I am going to be a racist by definition. How can one claim they are anything other than racist when their words match those who freely admit they are racists?

Substitute “me” for “Trump” and that is where we are and how it is impossible to rationally defend his behavior.


I think the inability to recognise the subtlety is a side effect of blindness to privilege and history. Anyone who has to deal with bigotry or sexism on a daily basis or who’s studied the history of right-wing populist movements since the 19th century looks at this story as a “no sh*t, Sherlock” affirmation of what they’ve known for a long time. But an affluent white male who isn’t aware of his privilege and has an average American’s grasp of world history has to wait until he sees people with calling cards or lapel pins that literally say “Jew Hater” before he’ll be surprised by anti-Semitism (or racism or sexism – different lapel pins) accompanying a right-wing populist movement.


I’m not saying he’s racist. I’m just saying the racists think he’s racist.

(I think Andrew Gillum said it first.)


No, he’s a fucking racist too; regardless to what other racists may think.


“Just because he talks like a racist, and holds racist opinions, and acts on racist impulses, and tries to pass racist EOs doesn’t make him a racist!”

-millions of intellectually dishonest republicans who think they can support trump while also being decent people.



So does organized crime !


The ‘If-you-can’t-prove-me-wrong-then-I-know-I’m-right-and-none-of-your-lip-I-don’t-want-to-hear-it’ crowd.



Coming from a deeply conservative, rabidly Republican family, I can translate this into conservo-Republi-speak:

Republicans, blah blah blah American values blah blah election.
Deeply offensive, hateful suggestion about stealing votes.
Deeply offensive, hateful suggestion that America is even slightly off course.
Homosexual demon-worshippers, PLEASE DESTROY AMERICA!!!


Dunno if this was reported here earlier, but over the weekend, Don Jr posted an extremely racist tweet with a ridiculously obvious Nazi dog-whistle of a fake “88%” statistic he invented for the tweet. The President’s son is using Nazi symbology on social media.


Oh yeah, no doubt, but there ARE people out there who don’t like what’s going on but are too chickenshit to speak up about it.


I’m not saying he’s racist, but he’s racist.

Edited to add: No, it looks like I am saying he’s racist.