A human being at Facebook manually approved the idea of targeting ads to users interested in "white genocide"

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I can’t wrap my head around the fact that enough people publicly identified as a “Jew Hater” on Facebook to make it a targetable group.

I’ve seen enough bigotry to understand that there are always people who will hate any group you care to mention, but that a lot of people publicly claim that title as an identity just boggles my mind.

Am I stuck in a more innocent age?


no, more like you’re stuck in a more innocent mind-set. my reading of history says there’s never been an age that innocent.


So, Facebook is continuing to maintain its brand and is doing a masterful job of keeping its public image completely on brand. Excellent work, guys. Do carry on.


Did any companies buy ads under that label, and can we get a list?


Oh please, please, please. That would be too perfect. I could probably find it in my heart to forgive some of the stupid things they have done if they provided a list of companies that are actively engaged in seeking out and doing business with that class of dreck. Having a target for my anger would be kinda therapeutic!




I get frightened by it also when I realize how deeply sick, twisted, and broken some people can be and just how fucking many of them are out there waiting until you get to know them better… fucking hell.


They claim identity itself as their identity:

I wish an incident like this one was all it took for people who don’t read history to get shocked out of their privileged complacency about what’s been going on in the West. Since the dawn of fascism there was never a time when giving them a platform, out of misguided ideals or greed or (as in the case of Twitter) a combination of both, wasn’t dangerous.


I am bewildered that anyone believes a word that spews from Zuckerberg’s pie-hole. Has he ever been caught telling the truth?


I pretty sure a few people said that in 1932 Germany too.


Well if they didn’t cater ads to every possible targetable audience they would miss out on profits, can’t have that…no matter the cost. /s


or… the human agent said, “hey, them’s my people!”



There should be a targeting of those referring to “white genocide” - for educational outreach, not reinforcing white supremacy. Jesus, Facebook, that’s just evil. But of course, “not being evil” means “not making a profit off it” in this situation, so…

The difference is, now we know that’s the case. Yet…


" … creating human-AI centaurs … "

By the look of it, chimeras.

But anything for a quick buck, right?

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About 20 years ago I was working in a place making concrete walls, one of the coworkers was a neo-nazi, anyway I could go through lots of stuff about him, about how crap he was in a fight, how stupid he was, about how, despite 20+ years in construction work he was always getting seriously injured in idiotic ways and then would walk around telling people to be careful (I’m truthfully also a klutz but I knew it so I never got injured), about how he only like heavy metal music that was an extended metaphor for oral sex (which he described as having a social message), but one time he announced he wanted to move to a city in Germany which according to him was 100% white and no immigrants had ever been allowed in, after which he stated he was only into nazism for the political perspective and never ever the racist stuff.

So my take is perhaps there are people on facebook that have never identified as ‘Jew Hater’ but have been put into the targeted Jew Hater group cause they are looking to move to a racially segregated city in Germany for political reasons.


“blamed an algorithmic system that automatically picked up on the most popular discussions on the platform”

The fact that this is one of the most popular discussions on the platform would seem to be an issue right there, wouldn’t it?


The armband just reminded me of Frank’s flag.


Your condescension and assumptions are not really helpful.

Since you claim this to be so common, can you provide examples? Again, not examples of people hating Jews or any other group. There are endless examples of those, but an example of where a lot of people people publicly claiming “Jew Hater” as their primary identity?

Identifying as a Nazi or a Klansman or an Arian makes it pretty clear that the person hates Jewish people, but they would be identifying as, for example, “A Klansman.”

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That would make more sense, and seems to be how they created the “white genocide” group. However, the article mentions that the users actually set “Jew Hater” as their status. That’s what I find surprising, but perhaps I’m reading the article wrong.

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