White Supremacist President Furious at Being Called a White Supremacist


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH a White Supremacist President is outraged when he is referred to as a White Supremacist.


White House calls for a formal apology from Ruben Bolling in 3, 2, 1…


WHY do these people never have any pride in their own shitty politics?



As many people on social media have mentioned, he certainly didn’t seem to mind being called a white supremacist when it was a compliment from David Duke.


I don’t think he’s necessarily a white supremacist per se. A pure Machiavellian racist, more like.


It’s as hard for me as it is for most to think this man could be at all intelligent. But then, he never quite goes over the line with this issue, does he? I mean, he’s way over the line for me, but he never does something like say, openly praising Dylan Roof and and threatening to pardon him.

That’s what makes me fear that he is intelligent, enough anyway to do what elites and conservatives have always done in the U.S., which is distract us with it from other shenanigans, and use the issue to divide and conquer the rest of us from solidifying together against them.

The man’s apparently white supremacist leanings are horrifying, but it sucks that things are such that people like Bolling don’t see fit to make comics about, say, the Trump admin’s appointment of far-right federal judges. “Oh sure, great comic that would make!”, some would say. But I fear they’d say so because we’ve been bamboozled, distracted into ignoring what this man is doing backstage, and thus into thinking that what’s going on backstage isn’t worth making comics or editorial columns about.

So yes, a pure Machiavellian racist does seem to fit. Which is probably even worse than “white supremacist.”


Agree. =(


They’re still trotting out “the KKK was a tool of the Democratic party!” as if which party had the support of White Supremacists in the 19th and early 20th Centuries is more relevant than which party has the support of White Supremacists today.

If you’re going to pander to the racist vote then at least be honest about it.


I kinda love it when they trot that out when I am debating conservatives. 'Cuz I’m all



As Patton Oswalt said it’s like telling a baseball fan “did you know that your beloved Los Angeles Dodgers are actually the BROOKLYN DODGERS??”


It occurred to me perhaps a good strategy is to start the discussion with the simple question: Why are Republicans conservative, and Democrats liberal? Because for the most part, they probably don’t have a clue. It’s a story I’ve been trying to figure out how to relay to said conservatives without alienating them or having them become combative.


And what exactly are the Republicans supposedly conserving, anyway? Rooty poops?


Racism and white supremacy are pretty much synonyms in the U.S.


True, but I find the distinction useful between white supremacy as it usually takes place these days (it’s by and large promulgated by true believers) and “Machivallean racism” as deployed by cynical elites, who often don’t actually care much about racial issues, as long as their wealth isn’t threatened. There’s a difference between deploying white supremacy and actually believing it (although, granted, Trump may well be doing both).


Let’s not give him any bright ideas.


They’re still trotting out “the KKK was a tool of the Democratic party!”

So, I, as the Grand Poobah Wakka Wakka of the Invisible Empire (East Coast Division) should have voted from Kriminal Hillary?


Confused of Palm Beach


At some level, the labels liberal and conservative are themselves a reductive attempt gather as many voters by grouping issues in a way where a position on one will not alienate those that you are trying to appeal to on other issues.


People keep pondering whether he’s smart enough for this all to be 4D chess, but in reality, enough Americans are befuddled by regular old 3D chess for it to be effective intentional sabotage and subterfuge even if he isn’t so much with the brains, especially when these same Americans think the table flip is a super-smart, expert-level move.


I’d like to tape this to the Oval Office desk.

But he can’t read, so, whatever.