Trump's "first 100 days" plan



God damn it… I can’t remember the last time it rained here. City has been getting smoke from some wildfires in the north of the state…


Ok was just trying to help your mood !


So, you’re saying that competitive districts would be a better idea?


Limiting legislators’ experience and telling them that the clock is ticking for them to cash in - what could possibly go wrong?


I guess even the most terrible candidates can have something positive among their ideas (I still feel compelled, though, to say that “one law in, x laws out” is the prototypical example of H. L. Mencken’s “clear, simple and wrong” idea for solving an excess of dubious legislation)

It’s not really Trump’s policies that worry me, though they’ll probably be as generally awful as this lists suggests.

It’s this and this and Le Pen and friends being emboldened and all the rest of the god-awful nasties realising they don’t have to hide any more.


SECOND, a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health);

“Federal public safety workforce” is such a charming euphemism for the police state.


Whoa! I’ll say right here and right now that mine is an asshole and I vote against him (and encourage others to do as well!) at every opportunity.

My town didn’t vote for him, but it’s a big district, I’m doing what I can.


Okay. Look. This isn’t about any single person, so don’t feel personally attacked here. I’m not sure why you’d think I was doing that. Of course there are some people who don’t vote for their congress critter, but the majority do return theirs to office. That’s true across the political spectrum.

My point is that congress critters are often overwhelmingly voted back into office, no matter what their actual record. Part of that is because there is often no other option available. I voted for mine (a democrat) because I don’t want to just vote him out to vote him out and put in yet another republican. The key problem is the gerrymandered districts that have evolved over the past few decades precisely to entrench people into their positions. How we shape the districts should be done in a as non-partisan manner as possible, but it’s a politicized process.


I really like having a non-partisan primary here (it’s new for this area, I think). If the Dem isn’t good enough, we can vote for another and still have a good choice in the general. Like as not the two candidates will always be democrats.


I hadn’t taken it as a personal attack and I apologize if mine came off as one in response.


It kind of did, but if you say it’s not, I certainly believe you.

Tensions are frayed lately, so sorry if I jumped. I just wanted to clarify what I meant… Carry on!


Ah, I just figured that was society burning.

######Seriously, though, we really need rain.


I know right… about a month or two ago, we got a tiny shower… I was in my car and was so excited I rolled down my window and stuck my hand out… I think it lasted for about 15 minutes and never got very hard.

I have two ponds on my street - they have to be down by like 2 feet now… it’s crazy.


We’re on well water, so I’m just hoping it’s deep enough to ride out the drought without drying up (the well is unwell - hah!).

Amazingly, my mother’s garden is doing okay. That’s probably because she keeps ridiculous amount of water stored away in every corner of the house for this very reason.


We are too, on a well, I mean (knocks on wood)…


More of a “Whoa! Not over here! I agree and here’s what we’re doing!” than a “Whoa! You’re wrong!”


Cool. I appreciate your clarification and glad we’re on the same page.

Let’s do what we can to make this all better, yeah?


Fahrenheit 119?