Fact-checking Trump's plan for the first 100 days

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2017 promises to be very, very interesting. And exceptionally unstable, obviously. So glad I don’t have kids.


We’ve been discussing here as well:


Something tells me even if the ACA is eliminated I won’t get my PPO plan back and will still be paying 30% more for the luxury of my high deductible plan.


It sucks but one silver lining I can see with the impending demise of Obamacare is the ultimate adoption of a true, single-payer healthcare system sometime in the future (once Trump has been thrown out of office of course). It’s not like the ACA wasn’t severely flawed from the beginning.

Stripping away health insurance from 20 million people and offering nothing substantial in return is a sure fire way to piss off a huge segment of Americans that voted for him. It would pretty much torpedo any re-election bid and provide a self-inflicted wound to the GOP congress.

It does mean enduring at least 2 years of suffering first however.


Lately I’m reading that in Massachusetts, because we implemented state health before the rest of the nation (Romney care), people in situations similar to yours don’t have to worry about losing their coverage. Of course, Trump has publicly vowed to punish us, whatever that means… If his thugs show up on our doorsteps in the middle of the night, at least we’ll still have medical coverage after the beating is over.


Reforms will also include cutting the red tape at the FDA: there are over 4,000 drugs awaiting approval, and we especially want to speed the approval of life-saving medications.

This terrifies me. Can’t we have ‘extreme vetting’ for medication and cut red tape at immigration where 4.5 million people awaiting visas?


And due to Herr Drumpf’s other proposals, the FDA will be doing those approvals with less staff…


ACA has issues, especially with recent increases in premium costs, but I know two people who have benefited greatly from it. One of whom was previously unable to get health insurance due to a pre-existing condition. It will be interesting to see what happens in the years ahead.


100 days of terror.

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So you can’t afford to pay for healthcare, but you can afford to move somewhere that will pay for your healthcare? That’s a pretty good deal.


Unless the Democrats and Independents/Third party members get overwhelming numbers in both the House and the Senate we won’t get a Single payer system. The Republicans won’t allow it. Trying to accommodate the republicans is partly why the ACA ended up so flawed in the first place, and even with those accommodations the republicans still refused to pass it.


He will probably be able to kill Obamacare, which could signal the end of my US residence.

With love and respect Mr. Doctorow, didn’t you move from Canada to the UK when the Conservatives won the election, and then move from the UK to the US when the Tories won the election?

Most of us don’t have the economic or social capital to move from one country to another every time we’re unhappy with the results of democratic elections, we have to remain here and fight to protect the rights of our families and friends.


Given the utter ludicrous over-pricing of American healthcare, that is not at all a surprising outcome…


If Trump fucks up huuuggee as we all expect he will, the Repub majorities will be swept out of Congress in 2018 on a tide of massive discontent and he will lose reelection in 2020. Dems better find a viable candidate


It looks like it’s going to be “Burn Baby Burn!” oh wait… I meant “Drill Baby Drill!”


Obligatory Onion.


I am waaaaay jumping the gun here, since she hasn’t even been sworn in yet, but… keep an eye on Senator-elect Kamala Harris. She’s done a lot of good (and not much bad) in California at increasing levels of responsibility in the legal world. Given some federal experience, she has potential to go much, much further. 2020 will probably be too soon, but it’s a strange world. And I like Corey Booker, though I don’t know that much about him.


Come now, I don’t think “one-man” is accurate. He’s got plenty of people who are willing to help him :scream: