Humiliated Trump issues ultimatum to GOP: pass healthcare act now or I'll never repeal Obamacare


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Too bad the Vice President isn’t also a conservative firebrand who hates social programs . . . oh wait.


Can’t just throw Trump off a cliff, though, can they? Could be months before the Russia stuff starts to smell like impeachment, if it ever does.


Hey, give them a chance.

It’s not like they’ve had 7 years to come up with a plan they all agreed with or that would be popular with the electorate.

It’s perfectly reasonably that they’re making it up as they go along.


I really hope this doesn’t pass tomorrow. Not only because it’s shitty and half baked legislation that will cause millions to suffer, but for the schadenfreude of seeing 45 take such a big loss.


Getting stenchier every day. Haven’t reached the inflection point yet, but weeks isn’t out of the question.

(Also: I got three fund raising emails today from various Democratic politicians, all citing the Trumpcare vote. The dems are spinning gold from this debacle, and the GOP is likely paying attention. Also:



“Butt Hurt” is tRump’s favorite song nowadays.


we won’t really get the healthcare we deserve till after trump disbands congress. /s

i wonder if he even knows what’s in the bill…


LOL Just like he can’t just pass a bill, he also can’t make sure a bill stays “forever”. It doesn’t work that way.


Only what fits in the first “bucket”, of course.

Or something that rhymes with “bucket”, anyways…


I feel like this kind of strong-arm tactic is what might actually get some of these 'scritters to pull out the pitchforks…

Seeing the Republican Party tear itself apart, I’m very excited. Even if it only lasts a day…



Even if they twist enough arms to pass it in the House it will die an ugly death in the Senate after a Frankenstein conference committee bill emerges.


Any chance someone can somehow squeeze in a little single payer love?


What’s worse is that they had a majority in Congress several times under W. If they had actually wanted to pass a healthcare bill, they could have done so then. The fact that the only real healthcare reform we’ve seen in the last few decades was done through Obama and the Democrats using their majority to get it passed says a lot about how disinterested the GOP is in passing healthcare reform.



I’m hoping that whatever selfish mess TrumpCare ends up being, it is such a horrible disaster that single payer starts to look appealing.

Canada, show us the way!


Roger That!


And then people like my parents will somehow blame Obama and ‘them idiotliberaldemocrats (all one word)’ for making it fail.


And the sad thing is, they have no alternative plan ready because Obamacare was their plan. It was the preferred conservative approach for healhcare reform.

As soon as Obama touched it, it became evil and dirty.

Puts me in mind of this bold moment from the good old days of 2012: