Paul Ryan admits Obamacare is here to stay after Clinton victory

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They don’t have to win the Presidential election to get their plan in place. They could make a case for it to people outside their party leadership. If it’s a good idea, they could get enough people to agree with them to pass it, even to override a Presidential veto.


Oh sure - we know what the plan is. Lousy coverage + Health Savings Accounts. Because if you are poor and don’t earn enough to “have” savings, you won’t be opening a Health Savings Account anyway.

And if you do have enough income that you can afford to park a big chunk of it uselessly in an HSA anyway, then low and behold, won’t Wall Street be thrilled to have all this new money to play with.

9 times out of 10 any GOP plan to fix something removes it from a government program and lands the holding of the money with Wall Street.

Fuck that shit. Time to get the profit out of healthcare and join the rest of the developed world.



Therein lies the problem. They don’t have a good idea.


You assume we haven’t devolved into an us v them ‘oh they won? TIME TO MAKE THEM ABLE TO DO AS LITTLE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE AND THEN START BLAMING THEM FOR INACTION!’

Then again I only became of voting age when Bush II took office so I don’t know if that was ever not the case. I’ve seen Gifs of voting records along party lines and frankly ever since the southern strategy started it’s looked like cell division going with blue/red splits.

I asked my stepdad why he hates the affordable healthcare act (why do yuou people keep using the republican insult to try linking health care with the scary black guy in ofice?) He went on tirade at how he’s paying for illegals and people without insurance to get health care.

I think that’s the major issue here. People are feeling like they’re being robbed to pay other people that they see as not paying in their fair share.

Nevermind the Christianity I grew up with preached helping those who are without and giving a hand up to those that are down. I suppose ‘shit I’m seeing everyone benefit off of my work’ trumps that.


We should remember he isn’t admitting defeat, he’s trying to rile-up his voting base.


First step, any Insurance company who doesn’t provide Obamacare coverage in a state, isn’t eligible for payments from .gov in that state. How many Insurance companies would survive if they couldn’t feed off the .gov trough?


I agree with everything you said, but I would add that lousy coverage is all that’s available through the ACA as well. Where I live in North Carolina, there is only insurer offering plans. The lowest premium is $1,200/month, with a $14,000 in-network family deductible, and a $57,000 out-of-network family deductible.

We can’t afford it.


Just now saw a commercial where candidate said ‘obamacare’ five times in quick succession. Add that to anticdotal evidence they’re trying to continue driving in the meme of ‘piss poor president gave us this thing we actually blocked and adds a thousand bad things to in hopes it would just go awa but it didn’t so we need to blame that guy.’


Genuine question, not meant as snark:

Are you not eligible for subsidies of any kind? Because that cost is clearly unaffordable to anyone not making the kind of salary that 9 times out of ten offers health insurance.


As Republicans, we need to step up our game and get to the heart of the problem. Even before Obamacare, a shocking number of Americans were still in good health. Cancelling their coverage is no guarantee that they’ll actually get sick. It’s not enough to vote every year — we need to be actively sneezing on people every day.


AMERICAN PUBLIC: “…can we see it?”

RYAN: “Fuck off.”


The “Affordable Care Act” is commonly referred to as “Obamacare” for the same reason that the “Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act” is commonly referred to as “the Bush tax cuts”.

Personally, I think that “Obamacare” is not the best term, I would call it “Pharma/Insura/Lobbyistcare”, but that takes too long for a soundbite.


Nobody cares what Ryan thinks. Whether or not Trump wins, Ryan’s getting purged afterwards. And good riddance to another RINO, I say! Us Conservatives never trusted his vaunted wonkery. I mean, his later budgets included some numbers! You won’t see a Trump Budget with numbers, no siree!*

  • Trump 2016!

Let’s add in Lapdog (for no other reason than it starts with “L” and sounds derisive)

So now we have


So we then shorten it to PILLCare

And that’s about all its good for. Except there is no perscription coverage…so good luck.


In New York (which runs its own exchange) there are multiple insurers and you can get a low deductible plan for less than $200/month. Of course, New Yorkers want the ACA to work. I suspect that in some of the redder states where it’s not working, it’s not working by design.


But he’s not telling us what it is.

So basically, he has a secret plan to fight (health cost) inflation.


That’s too bad, because I’m still hoping for something a little less bureaucratic and little more socialistic.

Maybe Hillary can offer the GOP “Hey, I’ll work with you to repeal Obamacare, if you come up with some kind of single-payer or government option that the GOP can put their name on and claim as their own. You can even tell your constituents it’s not socialism, and I’ll bet you’ll find a way to get them to believe that.”


Yep. North Carolina is one of those states actively working to make sure the Affordable Care Act falls apart under the weight of Republican obstructionism:


Really amazing how you could color-shift those orange states to red and get the rough outline of the current national political landscape, isn’t it?