GOP congresswoman's attempt to badmouth Obamacare backfires



This is what I wrote: I doubt it will be shared, so I thought at least here it could be read.

This is what I wrote:

When we were first dating, my now-wife decided to pursue her birth control options. She ended up getting an iud implanted, which when went missing the next day. The doctors told her it had fallen out. Four years and dozens of emergency room visits later, they find it and she had it surgically removed within a month.

If we had not had insurance, our family (my wife, our three children, and I) would have had to face the choice of either losing her (it was slowing killing her by constricting her organs with the removal strings) or going bankrupt to save her life. Because of Obamacare, the insurance could not decide to drop her after she started needing massive hospital visits. The Affordable Care Act changed the laws so that my wife continued to have insurance when she needed it, due to something that happened to her as opposed to something she did (it’s not like she told the iud to penetrate her uterus upon insertion).

If you and conservatives like you succeed in repealing the ACA, the upside for you is that you will have a lot less voters available to vote against you come election day: they will be either dead or unable to afford to vote. Making sure your citizens have health insurance should be a priority. Attempting to place them in danger of illness, injury, or bankruptcy makes you responsible for every unfortunate thing that happens to any of your constituents that could otherwise have an affordable health insurance plan to prevent or help them get over life-threatening events.

I challenge you to cancel your taxpayer-funded government health plan for a single congressional term: 6 years. This is less time than I went without health insurance, btw, until the Affordable Care Act passed. I went over 7 years without health insurance (I was unable to afford it after I was 23, and even having insurance through my employer at the time, I still lost over a thousand dollars in savings I had stored away due to medical bills that my work insurance refused to cover, which they could get away with at the time).

In short, our lives were a nightmare of health-related problems until we finally were able to get health insurance, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

I’m going to be frank, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. People like you make me disgusted with politics in America. You have no regard for the people who vote for you, only what they do while in the voting booth. If you actually cared about the people you represent, it would be in your best interest to ensure health coverage for your constituents, so that no one has to go through what I have gone through, and no one will have to choose between health and financial security.

Seriously, Rep. McMorris Rodgers, go without your health insurance for 6 years. If you don’t mind denying other citizens their right to affordable health care (as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a treaty we ratified), then go without yours, and see how life is like when one piece of bad luck can irrevocably change your life and quality of life forever.


So glad to hear your wife ended up OK. Assuming improvements in the U.S. medical care delivery system maintain their current trajectory, the alternate ending to your story will receive only gobsmacked looks of indignation among those of future generations— even the ones who deem themselves ‘conservative’.


I think when either side tries using social media like this, it almost always gets hijacked. (this time of course, it was hijacked by logic and fact)

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And what’s her edited version consist of? It would be too much to hope that she saw the light after getting all these. I would expect that she posted the bad ones she got, even if half of them were obvious sarcasm from the left.

That’s just brilliant. As one commentator said, it is the first public comments thread that doesn’t just depress me.

The rest of the world remains somewhat baffled at why some (many?) 'murkans don’t think that socialized health care is an excellent idea. The value-for-money of the pre Obamacare US system is at least an order of magnitude worse than the rest of the world’s socialised systems.


Wait: Broken website? That’s one of their complaints?

Is that the GOP version of the old “the food is lousy and the portions are too small” joke?


Ever since I first heard the term “Obamacare” I’ve always thought that whoever came up with that has provided a great boost to Obama’s presidential legacy.

I bet that Mr Bevan would have been pretty happy if the NHS had been nicknamed “Bevancare”.

e.g. Thanks to Bevancare, my Nan got her dodgy hip replaced.


And the graphic is bizarre. What’s with the star-chart?



Thank you for sharing your story. The ACA is certainly much better than where we were, but I also hope that you’ll get out and support a candidate that will actually fight for a true American-style single payer system for health care instead of merely Obama/RomneyCare which is still locking out a lot of Americans from getting proper health care and still having deadly consequences.

Differences with Obama/RomneyCare and a true single payer system for health care:

Bernie Sanders will do it if only some of us would actually support him. He’s waiting…

Disclaimer: Bernie has already said that he’d likely run as a Democrat instead of an Independent, so you don’t have to worry about him being a spoiler.


Connect the dots. It’s clearly a star and crescent. :star_and_crescent:


Just think – if McMorris had better health care, she could have had all three of those babies in a hospital, instead of in her office.


OMG! Thank you for that laugh! You made my beverage come out my nose! :smile:

Happy Friday!

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Does the chart represent the rapid shifting of goalposts that critics use?


Or the cracks in the broken promises?

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" Because of Obamacare, the insurance could not decide to drop her after she started needing massive hospital visits. "

Do you know that they would do that? If you have a limit on how much that the insurance will pay out and you go beyond that is it the insurance company’s fault? Or is it yours for not having the coverage? If you didn’t pay for the coverage you got it’s no longer insurance. It called a subsidy.

So to clarify: " Because of Obamacare, if the insurance decided to drop her because it ran out. She got a ‘subsidy’ because was needing massive hospital visits."

I’m one of those who lost their insurance due to the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Within months of passage of the bill, Blue Cross doubled everything, the rates and deductible. Uninsured, I was left only with the hope that in three years the ACA would make insurance affordable and I would be able to resume coverage.

15 months ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer. It’s a death sentence. I’m 54 years, with my only income now Social Security. I found out I’m ineligible for Medicare until two years after the onset of the cancer. I have too much money ($2,500) in savings to get Medicaid. The deductible plus out-of-pocket for the “best” ACA plan is $12,000. That’s nearly one half of what I get in Social Security.

So, I am ineligible for Medicare until well into my terminal illness, and Medicaid is only available if I become so destitute that I’d have to live under a bridge. And the ACA is so unaffordable that I would end up using up 40 percent of my Social Security.

I’ve taken things into my own hands. I ignore the government, Republicans, Democrats, President Obama — all are worthless. I’m in this fight alone.


I’m sorry to hear that. I think single payer is the solution. I don’t think the current one is perfect. For the ACA to work, everyone in government needs to cooperate. I’m assuming you live in a place that didn’t expand medicaid? Because in my state, medicaid is determined by income, not by savings. I can’t imagine a good welfare system that only looked at people’s holdings and not their income level.

If the savings is the only issue, withdraw it and put it under your mattress. Then apply for Medicaid again. I’m not trying to be shitty, I’m honestly wanting to help. I hope this works out for you.

These webpages may interest you.

It looks like the problem is with your state and the way that they require Medicaid and SSI to have different eligibility rules. This is a problem caused by a state response to the federal program.


Insurance companies used to be able to drop you because of errors made on the application, as well as for preexisting conditions. Had this iud been discovered before the law changed, it would have been
considered a pre-existing condition, and an insurance company would be legally able to drop her.

Tennessee had an unlimited “Look back period” for pre-existing conditions.

Our state didn’t expand medicaid, but even the changed laws governing the insurance companies alone helped us.