Nearly half of Republicans think Trump has repealed Obamacare

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So what changes did they make? I did read there were some, but not finding it in a quick search.

Didn’t they kill the individual mandate? I mean I know they haven’t repealed the actual law but without the mandate, won’t the market will price a lot of people out?


That’s right, the mandate. Which will mean less people in the system, and yes, the rates will go up.

I didn’t like the CONCEPT of the individual mandate (fun fact, being part of a Native American tribe will get you an exception to this!), pragmatically it had to be included to get it to work.

While from the beginning I have encouraged a private solution to this problem, and the ACA was a sort of hybrid solution, once this fails and it gets worse, I think the push for something like in Canada will take over. The libertarian in me doesn’t like this, but when people can’t afford care, largely due to too many middle men, and even doctors struggle to pay back loans in some cases, then obviously the system is broken.


(fun fact, being part of a Native American tribe will get you an exception to this!)

The centuries of attempted genocide by white people was totally worth it then?


I guess, “Take what ever advantage you can get.”?


44% of Republicans think the president can just undo laws he doesn’t like.


Which ironically was a Republican idea from the beginning, conceived and promoted by Gingrich’s Heritage Foundation and first implemented at the statewide level by Mitt Romney.

Of course once the black guy touched it they decided they didn’t want it anymore.


Any real healthcare reform will slow the flow of money going into the healthcare industry. Neither the Dems or Repubs are going to touch that.


I am of the personal belief civil and emergency services need to be placed out of individual hands at a national level since well… to put blunt? Too many greedy motherfuckers abusing the fact they’re bigger than anyone that wants to break into the ‘market’ with the intent of being fairminded.

The fact medicine and healthcare is considered a market at all makes my blood boil. the fact the ACA was made as a hybrid system shows that either initially it was ‘don’t think a full ride can work let’s compromize’ and then got gimped worse expressly so it would fall apart, or it was made to be the worst of all worlds to fleece everyone.

I personally go with a combination of stupidity with dashes of greed thrown in during the process of rewrites and riders and putting a financial gun to america’s head to kep it from happening all while asshole babies threw baby fits screeching 'socialism! Death Panels! etc…

Frankly I want canada’s system. Far from perfect, but a friend of mine literally went ‘oh hey i’ve got a heart proceedure that needs to be done. Be back monday.’ nd guy is not well off at all. He wasn’t stressed, he wasn’t acting like his life and independance was ruined. He acted like it was just… a thing. Annoying and potentially risky but just a thing that had to be done. That is what medicine should be. Go to the doctor, it gets handled, and then you go on with your life.

FUck’s sake a healthy population is a productive one, and a population that isn’t stressing over if they can afford basic care can then afford to think past those basics into putting money in the economy. What part of reality makes what feels like a stupidly simple concept makes that so fucking hard to get put into national action? Greed? Stupidity? What part of my thinking is so twisted that this concept is apparently unworkable?


Too many political contributions from those who profit from the current screwed up system. This is exactly the reason that we can’t slow down military spending. America has to pay for expensive and unnecessary military hardware because jobs. It would be less expensive and more efficient to close down the military factories and put all of the workers on welfare until they can find other work.


Something Something Basic Universal Income.

You’re preaching to the choir here friend. Scale back a little not a LOT. Maybe just like… no new growth and maintain what we have and then put back into social services?

Yea. That would mean going against the narrative people like me are lazy worthless sacks of shit that somehow DESERVE to be miserable and oh that homeless guy can get a suit from goodwill and shower at a gas station to go to a job interview then land a job easy peasy.


Nearly half of Republicans think Trump has repealed Obamacare

Nearly half of Republicans think the Earth is 6000 years old.
Nearly half of Republicans think evolution isn’t real
Nearly half of Republicans think climate change is a hoax.
Nearly half of Republicans think Hillary colluded with Russia.

You can’t fix stupid.


And are anti the British Monarchy because having a monarch is anti-freedom.

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Surprising. Given the number of Republicans who proved themselves born suckers in November of 2016 I would have thought the number was highter.


Soooo asking a question as a proxy for some kind of wish fulfillment and trying to assess it for objective analysis is … not great.

It’s like asking a kid if they got everything they wanted for Christmas. The answer says a lot about the kid but nothing about the question itself.

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It is my opinion that having a socialized, single-payer health care system makes us freer than the current system. With the current system, you have to consider what would happen to your and your family’s health insurance if you decide to change jobs, or to pursue self-employment, especially when pre-existing conditions are a factor. This also makes the economy less efficient, as people are not allowed to change jobs to pursue riskier, but potentially more rewarding, endeavors. The current situation is closer to serfdom, as we are afraid to lose everything we have if we dare abandon our lord.


How well does polling control for the basic “fuck you” of responding on a purely tribal basis? A pollster calls Joe Sixpack and he’s a Trump supporter but doesn’t want to feed a narrative that will get good play on CNN. So he says “yes” to all things that make Trump look good and “no” to all things that make Trump bad. I have no idea how much this happens, but it’s bound to. I’m curious about the incidence of it and how it is controlled for in these results.


I realized over a decade ago that tying it to an employer was a mistake. I guess when it all started (and insurance well more of, well, insurance) it made some sense to sell as a perk for working there. But now that it has become a necessity, even short term unemployment can be disastrous.