Death is freedom: Republicans pass Obamacare repeal bill


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It’s so adorably naive that they think Republican voters will have any memory of who caused this mess in 18 months’ time.


What sweet revenge Trump fans will revel in as they lose health coverage!

Sure, their premiums will skyrocket and they won’t be able to go to the hospital, but at least they can bathe their wounds in liberal tears.

In 18 months, voters will see this as Obama’s fault. My parents won’t have health coverage any more, I won’t be able to afford it, and more people will die.


Whores Gonna Whore. They sold out America. Remember in 2018. They ALL MUST GO.


The only thing more naive is their confidence that the leadership of the Democratic party will successfully exploit this in 2018 instead of dropping the ball yet again.

Yep, those unemployed and now uninsured blue collar workers are really teaching those smug coastal elites with their Cadillac corporate health plans and brand new tax cuts a hard lesson. Victory!


I have type 1 diabetes, but I applaud this. Why should I get to have affordable health care to treat a condition that isn’t even my fault? Oh wait. I think I’ve spotted the flaw in my argument.


If you’re dead you can’t pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

Fuck everyone of those black-hearted ass hats with a maggot infested leg of a rotting pig.


Yeah, umm, about that Barry… nope. DO NOT WANT.

Dear Senators, please revise this turd of a bill beyond recognition.


The insurance industry thinks got what they want, but I just canceled my insurance as soon as I heard. I highly recommend every other American to do the same.


Comparing the house of reps. to whores is demeaning to whores.


Apparently this is what the people wanted.


“Joke’s on you, motherfucker!” [coughs up bloody tumor and dies penniless in the street]


[quote=“gracchus, post:5, topic:100421”]
The only thing more naive is their confidence that the leadership of the Democratic party will successfully exploit this in 2018 instead of dropping the ball yet again.
[/quote]And there is yet another layer of naivety that anyone will actually vote in 2018.


So, the same outcome. Shrugs.

The only control I have left to me is who profits off of it.


People need to start calling this “Trumpcare”. When it wreaks havoc on the general population in the months ahead it’s important that his name be directly associated with it.


Sadly, the 2016 election told the American people very clearly that voting doesn’t matter.


I can only hope that this becomes such a disaster that it leads to a single-payer system.


As someone who has been health insured since birth in Germany, and who had had quite some unpleasant experience in the health system of other countries, I can soberly just declare: the US are an amazingly weird place.

I can’t get my head around it. I simply can’t.


Or more accurately “some votes matter more than others.”


In an attempt to be fair, a lot of people just inexplicably believed 45 when he promised them that he would give everyone magically inexpensive private health insurance that covers everything from stubbed toes to the decline in American manufacturing jobs without them having to pay a single cent for it. The AHCA (American Health Care Act, not to be confused with the ACA) itself is still wildly unpopular across pretty much every demographic. Republicans are just continuing their longstanding tradition of speaking for the only “American people” who matter: rich guys and big businesses.

Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people still just aren’t willing to admit that they long ago bought that bridge everyone keeps talking about selling, and in the end, willful stupidity isn’t materially different from active malevolence.

You are literally too kind.

Edit: Since it’s been misinterpreted more than once, I’ve clarified what the AHCA acronym stands for.