Trump's 50-point plan for a second-term is impressively hollow and meaningless

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Pass Congressional Term Limits

Unconstitutional, but sure, try to “pass” something you can’t so you can then claim the global swamp terrorist deep antifa’s are blocking you, something, something, (drooling down my chin)


It’s not a plan, it’s a list. I don’t think this administration is really capable of “planning” anything.


I would love to hear his answer to one simple question:

Given how nothing he campaigned on has been accomplished or has had good headway made on, and that the United States is now measurably worse off in virtually every way than when he started; how gullible does he think the American people are that they would believe he could accomplish anything on this list, and how big of an absolute moron would you need to be to vote for him?


It’s a stupid list written in the tone of an infomercial meant to overwhelm you with an inpressions of action and strength, while lacking any internal consistency or actionable, measurable goals.We’ll cut through your shoe, and then cut through a tomato! USA, USA, USA!!!

This is Trump’s one and only skill: Dumb-as-rocks but shamelessly persistent self-promotion. So far it has worked. Just as somehow late night infomercials still move eoungh product to continue selling despite being mostly shit. He’s the Home Shopping Network of administrations. keeping lonely people “happy” by constantly telling them their life will collapse without his “solutions” and they’re just happy someone is “talking to them.”


He’s trained them to accept the reality that comes out of his mouth (or Twitter feed), and all other sources are disbelieved. It’s an abuse of faith, really. I want to think that, while many still swallow his tonic, it can’t actually be a large majority of the population anymore. But then I remind myself of what happened with Dubya, and I shiver some.


I used to think all the stuff in 2016 about how Trump would be such a disaster was hyperbole. You know, because of checks and balances, etc.

Now I really do think that the fate of our nation rests in this election.

He’s already done irreparable harm that will take decades to reverse, if even possible.

What will happen given another 4 (8, 12, it’s pointless to hypothesize) is unimaginable.


Drain the Globalist Swamp by Taking on International Organizations That Hurt American Citizens

Because Dog knows that those monsters over at Medicin Sans Frontier are always out to get us. Don’t get me started about the psychopaths at UNICEF.


Develop a way to turn lead into gold,

Perfect method for obtaining limitless free energy from dilithium crystals,

Eradicate all disease forever,

etc etc.

You can promise anything you want, it’s delivering that’s the hard part. Donnie still hasn’t delivered on most of his original promises, and he made a lot of promises.


Trump impressively hollow and meaningless

Fixed that for you :wink:


The only and I mean ONLY way the USA would survive if trump “wins” a 2nd term is if the Democrats can take the Senate and keep the house and they launch impeachment proceedings on day one of his new term.


“Deep Antifa” should be its own music genre.


Excuse you, he’s done more than any President EVER, which is a FACT, because he said so.


Are you kidding? He’s accomplished more that any President in the history of the universe! He said so himself.

But very popular with Republicans and people who don’t understand how government works. It’s been a extremely effective in helping the Republicans to majorities in many states, as it raises a major bar to entering politics for anyone who isn’t bankrolled by wealthy elites and who actually cares about doing the job instead of just doing what they’re told.

Hah, boinged by the author.


Is that what that flaccid sphincter is?


I used to think all the stuff in 2016 about how Trump would be such a disaster was hyperbole. You know, because of checks and balances, etc.

Funny, because I thought and still think that no one really seems to be acknowledging that Trump is a semi-sentient beast acting as a placeholder for an actual human being. Everyone pretended that once he stepped into the White House, he would magically transform into a statesman and leader. Everyone kept acting as though the noises belched out of his mouth were connected to thoughts and plans. Everyone kept assuming that he would just naturally do the complex job of a U.S. president, rather than sulk in his room all day watching Fox News and eating cheeseburgers. Everyone insisted that the Constitution would compensate for him, rather than realizing that enough sociopathic opportunists at all levels of government could easily undermine a document that assumed at least some of the people executing it were honorable and conscientious.

I mean, Jesus, are you people blind to the evidence right in front of you? Mass-Murdering Traitor Trump didn’t just pop into existence in 2015. He’s been pulling this same crap for decades, in full view of the public.


This is the feed chute directing people of color into the new, improved (i.e. higher cost super-max) carceral state. “Patriots” will be exempted as simply defending themselves while in motion.


How about just plain “Prosecute acts of Domestic Terrorism” - like going to state houses with guns?


That’s not a plan. That’s just a list.


Teach American Exceptionalism

This was eyebrow raising before. Now it’s just embarrassing.