Trump: 'I have the right to do whatever I want as president' [VIDEO]

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He has the privilege to do anything the Congress will let him get away with.

And there seems a decided lack of will to impose any limits on his actions, so…

Maybe he’s right :interrobang:





I know that since my first rational thought in response to that megalomaniacal insanity was “He didn’t say that did he?” that:

And here’s my thing; to the real people in power, the ones behind the scenes who enabled him - such a statement doesn’t threaten their own proverbial dick sizes? Isn’t he basically saying that he has more power than they do?


Don’t be fooled by this blather about how Speaker Pelosi is either too weak or too politically calculating to allow impeachment proceedings against Trump. Just remember that Pelosi is the most successful fund-raising in the DNC, and she isn’t getting those funds from me or from you… unless you happen to be a billionaire or a giant corporation. The wealthy are benefiting too much from Trump’s tax cuts and wild deregulation to take the risk that impeachment in the House might gain steam to the point where even the Senate was forced to take it seriously.


“Power resides where [people] believe it resides. No more and no less.”
—Varys, before that show went totally off the rails.

What is actually written in the Constitution matters less than what the people (including congress) choose to do about it.


Yes, but doesn’t that come with the bootlicker job?


Same as it ever was?


We have already seen his interpretation of section 4: “The President […] shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”
and he tried to weasel himself out with “But I haven’t done any misdemeanors. It says ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’”.


Trump attempting to abuse his power? Say it ain’t so!


I agree, it’s not weakness or ten-dimensional chess that’s preventing her from taking up impeachment. It’s cowardice.


And, because he is Trump, he has to add “but I don’t even talk about that” so that even someone with no prior knowledge about anything would know he’s lying.

Of course, he was already talking about “this thing called article 2” a couple weeks ago.
Link should take you to relevant part, starting at 46:16. Interesting to see how quickly it has changed from having all these rights at a level no one has ever seen before (???) to “whatever I want”


Treason AND (Bribery OR other high crimes) AND misdemeanors

Clearly the intent of the founders!


Once he says it, it’s true in his head and in the heads of his most ardent followers.

Is he gearing up to shoot someone on 5th Avenue? If so… who? has Vegas set up odds?



There have been a couple instances of Trump referencing Article II in the last couple months, along with the obligatory “very few people realize this…” tell that he gives off whenever he’s just learned(ish) something any reasonably knowledgeable person treats as common knowledge.

Which means that someone on his staff gave him a primer on Article II to try and explain something to him–I would pay cash money to see that primer. The illustrations, dumbed-down phrasing, I bet it’s 7th grade social studies level stuff.


I mean, he just spoke about it as well. He always does this: he’ll quote someone saying something terrible, or say something that’s outrageous and then talk about how he’d never even mention it. It’s his way of getting it both ways: he gets to say the outrageous thing, but pretend like he’s too good to have said it. I can’t imagine that works on anyone, but I also can’t imagine how anyone supports him, so…

And he didn’t understand it. At all. (I’m guessing it was verbal, rather than written.)

@Papasan Calling himself racist would be crossing a line too far. There are a lot of very racist people in this country who don’t think of themselves as racist (because “racism is bad”). When tRump says something racist, they agree with him; when he says he’s not racist, it affirms their own (delusional) self-image.



I don’t expect he knows what Article II actually says, nor do I expect him to understand it. Does that make what he says/does ok? nope absolutely not. I have nearly zero expectations with him so whatevs in that regard to things spewing from his cake hole.

What irks me and drives me to insanity is that his supporters and the entirety of the GOP seems to either agree, believe him, or not care. NO NO NO

You have to know better as legislators and voters. I hold them to a higher standard than Nostradumbass.

Edit: like this right here…He said something completely stupid, I expect him to do this shit because he has always done this. But those that voted for him, the GOP around him…they should be shitting bricks over this…


I was thinking about this the other day; if pretty much any other President – Obama, Clinton, even Bush – tried this, or acted this way on a day to day basis, the reaction would be far different. Imagine if every single speech or interview Obama gave was just a series of completely invented, easily-debunked lies: “the Dow is the highest it’s ever been, we’ve erased the debt, cut unemployment by half, and our environment is rated #1 in the world.” It’d be a national emergency. The president’s gone insane, he’s just up there making things up, and now he literally says he can do anything he wants, like a dictator, and is immune from criticism or legal issues. I guess it’s just the sheer bulk of the craziness that spills out of Trump that keeps people from Puerto Rican style public strikes.