Trump boasts world leaders never laughed at him when he was president. Here's the video of world leaders laughing in his face

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Sooo… boasting “My administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country” was supposed to be intentionally funny??


Nancy Pelosi never imagined Trump would try to get us into a nuclear war with a hurricane.


The eternal question: Does Trump know that most of what he says is bullshit, or does he genuinely believe the things he says? The effect of either one is the same, but the latter demonstrates that he’s delusional.


I gotta imagine at first he knows it’s complete bullshit, but by about repetition/permutation three or four, he believes it as assuredly as if John Barron himself had told him it was an irrefutable fact.


I dont think there’s much difference; he probably believes what he’s saying while he’s saying it, no matter how batshit - but then later he cannot even recall what it was that he said.

Worse than a baby, he seems to lack ‘cognitive permanence…’


yep… i’ve too often wondered about how much trump (and the surrounding trump-pets) believe the $@#! they sling. The most ‘professional’ answer i’ve heard is that trump grew up in such a psychological tar-pit that he probably has no notion of any inconvenient reality. If a falsehood is more apparently profitable than the truth then that becomes his memory of the situation. Or more tersely, your second option “he genuinely believe the things he says” …for a very mentally ill manifestation of “genuinely” -sigh-


Or the real delusion is that he thinks he’s the most clever person in the world and no one can see through what he believes is a completely airtight lie (“I tell the best lies. Everyone believes my lies because they’re the most convincing lies, perhaps, in the history of the world. Frankly, no one lies better than me”). Just like when he must have thought he’d hoodwinked people into believing that “John Barron” was actually calling into radio shows.


You are treading closely to the forum rule “Do not make assumptions as to anyone’s mental state,” yet the moderators don’t step in here. Probably because its not much of an assumption.


Nancy Pelosi could have kicked his ass, which is why he was careful to use wide tables.



I suspect that there’s a fundamental error in using words such as “know” or “understand” to describe Mass-Murdering Traitor Trump’s behavior. We look at this lumpen creature and naturally assume he is similar to us. Evidence does not bear out this belief. Clearly Trump has learned that when he makes certain noises, he receives more of what he considers to be rewarding feedback than when he makes other noises. There is no indication, however, that he has any significant comprehension of the meaning of these noises. In fact, there is little indication that he retains these noises through any system more complex than operant conditioning.

If we wish to be unreasonably charitable, we can suggest that Trump performs much like a stand-up comedian, testing new material in front of live audiences and retaining the parts that receive the best response. It seems almost ironic, then, that he insists no one has been laughing at him. Or it would, if he demonstrated any semblance of what the rest of us would call “consciousness.”


“His excellency Donald Trump”

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How many years later and we still want to minimize trump?
The guy is gifted… He knows his role, finds people that can give him the info and stats he is looking for, he manipulates lies assaults and cheats everyone that is within range of his mouth hole, he has people that clean up his messes and tells him what he can and cannot get away with. He is very well connected, has been running scams his entire adult life and is able to stay solidly in the 1% world and out of jail. The guy is crushing it (relatively of course).

We are used to watching charismatic hollywood gangsters, feared and respected, ruthless, often educated and socialized on a worldly scale. But here in trump he has all of the tools except for the charisma, which he only plays well for the weak and fearful.

Trump knows he is a liar, we need to quit underestimating him. It’s almost like both sides are under his cult of personality spell sometimes.


Speak for yourself please; I have never underestimated the danger of rich, immoral egomaniacs in power. We were just lucky that he was so incompetent and lazy in his attempts…




Those of us most at risk from fascist authoritarianism have been sounding the alarm for years; it’s not on us that we were largely ignored.


True, true!


I honestly don’t think Trump believes in the concept of objective reality as most of us understand it. On some level he thinks the things he says are true because he said them. Anyone who refutes his claims is “against him.” That’s all there really is to it.


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Fascism doesn’t take deep planning or great intelligence. It takes force, violence, and cult of personality.

Much like @Melizmatic I’ve NEVER not taken him and the threat he poses seriously.

Right? Also, people who’ve studied fascism (both those from threatened communities and those who are from more privileged positions in our society) and know what it looks like and how it has evolved in the past have been concerned about that too.