Trump's 50-point plan for a second-term is impressively hollow and meaningless

I call bullshit.

That is all…

You’re thinking of Ray Lynch’s “Deep Antifa Breakfast” from 1984.


Like in the appletv+ series For all Mankind. Would go just as smoothly.


IIRC “school choice” is code for vouchers and other ways of channelling public money to private schools.

“International Organizations That Hurt American Citizens” means the UN and in particular the WHO, which in Trumpworld is a puppet of China that covered up the “China Virus”.


Well, he DOES owe a LOT of money to Deutschbank.


That list is a pipe organ of dog whistles.


What are you talking about? Can’t you read?

(Obviously being facetious but I’m afraid I have to spell that out)


American carnage was a promise made and a promise kept.


He certainly has (damaged the country far, far more than any preceding president, to the point that it will take decades to fix).


As a canuck, this one interests me most. How can you both wipe out global terrorists and stop endless wars and bring troops home? Isn’t this what Iraq and Afghanistan were all about?

What the entire list reads like is somebody at the controls of a complex machine with no clue how to operate it, who has just started mashing the keys and is hoping for the best.


I’d say it’s irreversible, but the Democratic leadership insist on being modern day Feuillants, offering scraps of reform when a significant portion of the people want radical change.

Can someone remind me what happened to the Feuillants?


Wow, that sounds fantastic Donnie! How are you going to do that? Tax cuts, authoritarianism, hate crimes, and bullshit? I don’ think that’s going to get us to Mars, pal. I don’t think that’ll get us to Sandusky.


He thinks we’re REALLY f*ing gullible. He thinks we are as stupid as he is.


They got the chop. But then again, so did Robespierre.


I’m an anarchist, so I would be closer to being a Sans-Cullotte or an Enragés than any other French revolution faction.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. Trump insists on playing the part of an absolute monarch, but we can still avoid a reign of terror if the Democratic leadership stop being nostalgic wilful idiots.


I do think revolution is a super-relevant discussion to be having. Assholes love to say that “Socalism always fails / ends in gulags” but the historical view of that (from my very shallow understanding of history) is that in several cases where Socialist revolutions have gone totalitarian, those revolutions were part of a somewhat predictable pattern:

  1. Democratically elected leftist government,
  2. Sabotage of that government by a foreign colonial power (quite often the US) and installing of a right-wing dictator,
  3. attempt to vote installed dictator out via vestiges of democratic process
  4. squashing of said vestiges, imprisonment/killing/exile of opposition
  5. violent tankie revolution “succeeds” where the less radical left-wing movement “failed”

Considering the tendency of powerful, right-wing USians to “colonize” domestically, we’re seeing several of these steps play out (if you bend the post-Obama re-colonization of the U.S. through sketchy electoral math to be a stand-in for step 2) we’ll see how step 3 goes…


The secret is American Exceptionalism!


It’s the same as always with Trump - it helps that the intended audience don’t know the difference between a “goal” and a “plan” and especially helps that they can’t tell when a goal is total bullshit. If they had an actual plan, someone could actually look at it and find flaws in it. Plans are for Democrats.

Not to be taken so literally - they just don’t care that the country is fucked up and people are dead. It’s “better” in the ways they care about - the racism and religious intolerance is what they voted for, and he delivered.

I didn’t think it was hyperbole, but I was (and still am) shocked at how totally toothless all the supposed “checks and balances” are. I don’t like to think about it, but I have to acknowledge it can get so much worse, too. The man could literally destroy the country, and I’m frankly worried he’ll try before he’s out of office, with even the safeguards that existed in previous presidencies having been lost by then.

No, he thinks we’re dumber. And when it comes to his supporters, he’s often right.


Fuck this shit.


Jebus, how many bumper stickers does it take to constitute a plan, by your strict definition?

I think what they meant to say is that it is whiter at the top now.