Donald Trump says his own 100-day plans are "ridiculous standards" to be held to


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Here’s to 1,360 more days of ineffectiveness.


Mean old media hurt little Donald’s feelings. Who said he had to build that dumb old wall anyway?



So the only tangible example he could provide of something he’s accomplished was the successful appointment of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, which is a routine procedure when the Senate hasn’t sworn a solemn Blood Oath to deny any of your nominees a hearing.


I think most people agree the plans were ridiculous for the most part.


Who does he think he’s fooling- He can’t even count to a hundred.


It’s so routine I couldn’t figure out what S.C. meant.


If I’m remembering correctly, the first 100 days thing started with FDR, when he made a ton of promises regarding the depression and then immediately acted to push it through congress within the first 100 days. This has been the standard measuring stick since. I do think that maybe measure different administrations across different historical times is a bit apples to oranges, because in some cases there just isn’t that much one needs to get done immediately.


It’s true: Trump sets the standard for ridiculous.


Drumpf; “Vote for me and I will do everything that you ever wanted in my first hundred days.”

Drumpf supporter; “Yes please.”

100 days later.

Drumpf; “I didn’t do a damn thing.”

Drumpf supporter; “Why is that Mr. President?”

Drumpf; “Because 100 days is dumb, you’re dumb and everything that you ever wanted is dumb.”

Drumpf supporter; “Do I have to wait the whole term to vote for you again, Mr. President.”


At first I was like “he even called it a contract” but then I remembered that Apricot Pol Pot doesn’t care about any contracts he signs anyway. They’re more like guidelines than actual rules.


Yeah, I was pretty amused to see that as his example of the “so much” he’s accomplished. He literally just presented a name someone else came up with, the Republicans in congress did all the actual work of overturning democratic norms.

Maybe - but Obama did quite a bit in hist first 100 days. I don’t think anyone would have made a big deal out of it if Cheeto Mussolini himself hadn’t been constantly banging on about all he was going to accomplish in his first 100 days, though. He really is just angry at an expectation that was entirely of his own creation.


However, to dismiss its importance after using it as a marketing tool for his policy agenda will surely only serve to shirk those who bought into it.

It’s true! I am shirked! Shirked, I tell you!




And which was only accomplished by Congress literally cheating.


Surely “irk”?


Sure, but it’s not like the plan was forced on him but the mean old media or the duplicitous dems. It’s his fucking plan. Either;
a) he is terrible at planning
b) he is terrible at execution
b) he is a terrible liar, or
d) all of the above

Either way this is yet more evidence - were it needed - that he is a terrible [person|president]


d) he’s terrible
e) all of the above


Well, this fits right in with Republicans arguing that using their own words and past actions against them is unfair and dishonest.