Trump plans to deploy military on Inauguration Day, seize government agencies, and purge critics

Originally published at: Leaked: Trump's Shocking Post-Election Military Crackdown and Revenge Plan


“Shirty children”? Really, that’s a thing now?

I mean, I do agree it’s absolutely necessary to keep the fascists out of power. But geez, is this a gross sneer on things that need to be real priorities too. Leave it to The Atlantic to mock the peasants for caring about trivialities like supporting mass killing of civilians or the destroying the environment we all depend on to exist – instead of say faulting Joe Biden for risking such an important election by not caring about them.

But hey, who cares about matters of life and death when the numbers representing the economy are up, am I right? We all need to stop worrying and love the late stage capitalism. :roll_eyes:


And roughly 25% of the electorate would be okay with this.


I’m sure there for too many people in the military who would happily follow his orders, but I have to imagine there are also a lot of people who are pissed off by his constant, callous disrespect for those in uniform both past and present.


Man, these fuckers are hellbent to react the crazy shit that happened a century ago. It’s no wonder with the book banning, terrorists taking over school system, … to wipe out the past so they can do the same shit again. I’m so tired with this but as a minority, I seriously have no choice. I either survive or die trying. I have a niece. She’s 3 years old. I cried everytime when I think about if this will be the shitty world she will be left once the adults are gone. The guilt just crushes me.




… here we go again, blaming voters for their lack of enthusiasm, that always works out great :roll_eyes:


And to think, recent polls show Trump leading Biden in multiple key states… I really never thought I’d see the swing to full-on fascism in the US during my lifetime, but here we are, and the really disturbing part is just how sanguine the press and much of the electorate are.

I suppose it really doesn’t help that US politics are about a party generally cool with supporting genocide overseas, and a party who are also generally cool with perpetrating genocide here, too.


As Beau has pointed out a few times; polls tend to rely on people answering their phone to a stranger and being available to answer questions. These means that they tend to skew to the older, sit at home and watch faux news demographic.


It’s not “lack of enthusiasm”, it’s apathy and gross negligence. It’s childish and stupid to give up on democratic participation, especially when so much is at stake, just because the sane, moral side isn’t pandering enough to you.


That’s true, but it doesn’t reassure me, as a) the polls are shifting in Trump’s favor over time (despite - in face because of - everything that’s coming out about his crimes), b) no one should be supporting him, and something’s deeply wrong with Americans that any are, c) the polls failed to capture his level of support before he did get elected.


There are Palestinian-Americans threatening to vote for Trump, believe it or not. They must have forgotten that Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem and Jared Kushner dreamed up the Abraham Accords.


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I’ve said it before, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the rise in… well a bunch of things… is happening right at the timeframe where the last time is finally falling out of living memory.


No-one gets to pretend they didn’t know what was coming, any more than they get to pretend that a fascist creep like this can never be the country’s leader. We’ve already been through four years of mayhem, and his henchmen now know exactly what they have to do to fulfill their goal of ending liberal democracy in America.


There’s really nothing secret about most of this. Most of it, as the article points out, is just implementation of Project 2025, which is freely available to read on the Project’s website. If you have not read it, I implore you to go read it. It is frightening. It is an overt plan to turn this country into an authoritarian, fascist dictatorship. They are taking their masks off.

I don’t like Biden’s strong support of Israel’s actions in Gaza, but otherwise, Biden has arguably been the most progressive US President since Johnson, not that that’s a high bar. For some reason, a lot of leftist voters don’t see this and still view him as the center-right Biden he was in the Senate for so long. He is our best choice to get the country moving back in the right direction. Of the other Democrats running, one is way more conservative than Biden, and the other is a woo-woo peddler. The former Democratic candidate turned Independent is an anti-vax conspiracy theory delusional idiot, and the other current Independent candidate has been kind of all over the place and can’t seem to decide what kind of candidate he wants to be. Bernie isn’t going to run. There is no Socialist Savior in sight who is going to swoop in at the last second and gain the support of 200 million Americans. It’s Biden or Trump, and that should be the easiest choice anyone will ever have to make in their life. And choosing to sit home is choosing Trump, and if anyone tells me it isn’t, I will not respond to them. This is too important. As a trans woman, I feel like my life is literally at stake in this election. Don’t fuck this up because “we shouldn’t have to choose between the lesser of two evils”. We don’t have two evils here. We have one evil and one meh. Vote meh.




See? This is not a secret. They are literally telling us what they’re going to do, and they’ve been telling us for awhile. We need to believe them.


Yeah, but is he REALLY a fascist… /s

How much more bullshit do people need to hear from that man before they realize what he is and for that matter, what the GOP is…

There might be some, but once again, I’ll point out that the leadership seems to take it’s oath to the constitution seriously. He tried to do that with the military on Jan. 6th, and it nothing like that happened, because of the leadership.

Another thing we seem unable to wrap our heads around, that the polls are kind of bullshit.

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Most of everything they’ve done is right out in the open, and since far too many Americans (white, middle class, straight, etc) have a “it can’t happen here” mindset, they don’t think of it as a threat… These people backing trump have NEVER been shy about what kind of country they want to create around us.

That is true, too. Maybe even more so than Carter…

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And what the most high profile socialist in the country would say is this, anyway…

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While trans folks are the most obviously at risk here, so are lots of other groups, too. They’ll eventually get around to all white dude-bros on the left demanding we ignore “identity politics” because they’ll get around to all of us eventually. That means we got to stand up for the most vulnerable folks first and right now, that’s trans folks.

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It’s also a (frequently delusional) expression of privilege, as if they’ll never be touched by the fascist regime their inaction or pique helped bring into power. It’s Niemoller all over again.

No-one’s life will go untouched if this coterie puts into practise the plans they’ve been telegraphing. In the last go-round we lost a key right to reproductive choice, and that’s just the start.