Trump tells supporters to be 'poll watchers' on Election Day, lies about fraud and theft at voting locations

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“Watch all the stealing and robbing they do. This is important.” — Trump


“Bring your guns and be vigilant. Whatever happens, happens.”


Pathetic bastard lays the groundwork for his potential defeat by American voters, calls in his brown shirts to stand around and look menacing to cameras as if they’re gonna do something other than spread covid19. What a sad little loser. After election loss he will go full on calling his stooges to attack media, liberals, anybody who looks intelligent. What a cluster fuck we have coming.


There is a zero percent chance that he will concede this election. Even if he eventually leaves office peacefully he’ll incite his followers into acts of violence on the way out the door by publicly declaring the result is fraudulent.

He’s already convinced his followers that the DNC rigged millions of 2016 election votes in California, a state Trump was universally expected to lose anyway, while somehow forgetting to rig the relatively minuscule number of swing state votes that could have changed the outcome of the election.

This won’t end without blood.


I’m expecting a clusterfuck. Will petition Justin to build a wall. :wink:


Especially when everyone keeps insisting that it’s definitely going to happen, it’s written in stone, and the outcome is already completely predetermined.


I mean, trump supporters already have an established record of political violence. And trump is literally telling them that they should be violent.

I’m waiting to be pleasantly surprised if they’re not violent, but I’m not relying on trumpists breaking their track record. At this point it’s like expecting alligators not to crawl up onto golf courses and eat your dog. It’d be very nice if they didn’t but who are we kidding?


It’s hard to be optimistic that this won’t end without violence when there’s blood being spilled now.

But I guess I can still hold onto hope that it won’t get worse.


It is what it is…

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I’m not predicting or dismissing the possibility of anything.

I’m just tired of people claiming defeat before the fight is over.

No one knows what tomorrow brings, so we fight like hell regardless.

Besides, the orange fucker can still stroke out, any day/

Black folks have endured every hardship this country has ever thrown at us, and is still currently throwing at us… and we’re still here.

Giving in to defeat isn’t in us as a people, because we had have no choice but to persevere.

If I don’t think it’s hopeless just yet, then neither should you.


Hopeless, not a bit. Trump’s reign will end one way or another, hopefully sooner than later. But darned if he isn’t going to try to make the country bleed some more first.


There I don’t disagree.

Just please stop assuming this thing is going to have any logical sort of conclusion, for good or ill; whatever happens, like the rest of this year, it will probably be bizarre A/F.


Anyone think I can Fedex my absentee ballot? In like an envelope.

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Can’t argue that. I probably need to find a coping mechanism that won’t kill my liver.


The US government absolutely won’t accept a fedexed ballot. You may need a remailer of some type to do it for you.


I’m predicting that on Nov. 4, he’s going to pull a gun, try to hijack Marine One and gets them to fly it to Cuba. Except they trick him, and land in Puerto Rico instead. Or Greenland.


Ain’t no tellin’; I ain’t taking no bets.

Aliens in spaceships could decide to show up, for all we know.


Shit, he’s doing it now. If he doesn’t manage to fix the election and actually loses… this is all probably the best case scenario, the bare minimum response. Who knows what kind of bizarre shit Trump will pull. In between all his pathologies, being cognitively impaired and just generally being, well, a seriously weird dude, I’m not sure we can accurately predict everything that he’ll (try to) do. Nuke America. Put sharks in the water supplies of liberal cities. I wouldn’t put anything past him.

Well, it’s already happening, so… yeah. It’s less prediction and more description. Back in January there was a poll where a majority of Republicans agreed that they would need to take up arms to protect their way of life, that they would need to take the law into their own hands. That was before the protests of recent months, where the right-wing media machine has done its best to convince them that that time is now. Before the Republican messaging for this election, which is explicitly “your traditional way of life is under attack and you need to defend it.” Before conservatives were told that it was acceptable, even heroic, to go murder protesters in the street.

So yeah, we need to be prepared for this to continue happening, on some scale. We need to have some sort of response ready, some way of dousing that fire. It’s not hopeless or fatalistic to honestly judge the current situation and plan accordingly.

Yeah, I’m convinced that in a few months we’ll be saying, probably more than once, “I thought I was ready for anything this year had to throw at me, but holy shit I really didn’t see that coming!” Violence from Trump supporters is one of the few things we absolutely can predict and count on, though. It’s almost comforting in its certainty, really.


My ignore list is gonna be immense by the time November gets here, then I guess; because I simply can’t deal with the perpetual banshee act between now and then.

Whether folks realize it or not, that’s a form of energy leeching and I am not here for it.


Oh man that would be so humiliating. Like having a blind date walk up to your car at the very moment you were popping the nastiest zit you ever had in the rear-view mirror.