This protestors’ sign sums things up quite nicely


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Look people, the vote is over. You think the system is crap, fix it. You think Trump is an asshole, get a competitor who is not. I reckon there will be plenty of cause for rallying in the coming years, so save your energy.



Look people, getting out and showing there is significant popular support for changing things might actually give some politicians the nerve to capitalize on it and go do something.


I abhor practically all of Trump’s proposed policy and support any protest against them. It’s just that protesting the vote doesn’t make sense too me. The pro-EU Brits did the same after Brexit. Same here, I think it was a bad decision for terrible reasons, but rallying against the vote as such just rubs me the wrong way.


Protesting the vote won’t undo it, but it will demonstrate (among other things) that, when Orange Julius claims he has a “mandate,” that claim is patently bullshit.


In other words, shut up and sit down? So much for free speech.


I want it to be made abundantly clear to Trump, over and over again, just how much he isn’t wanted. I hope there are protests every single day until the one where he’s impeached or resigns, or keels over.


Thus the protests. That’s what protests are FOR.


Nah, in Trump’s American victory means the opposition just needs to roll over and take it, yeah? /s


Well, it’s not as though Trump or his supporters have ever called for protests, riots, or even full-blown revolution over a result they didn’t like, right?



Nah, only Libtards do that kind of thing… /s


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I agree demonstrating against the vote would be counter-productive. The protest here last night certainly was not that. It was people saying as loud as they could they don’t support the policies the president-elect has put forth. It was people making the point the majority don’t support them either. Are people contesting the election? Because I haven’t seen that. I’ve seen people pissed the popular vote lost. I’ve seen people pissed we still have the electoral college.

Politicians rarely risk their political capital. If there is a severe enough reaction perhaps some of the Democrats in office will read this as a sign to move left rather than continue the slide to the right.

I don’t expect a damn thing to be done about the EC, yet. Both parties use it to their advantage to target campaign resources. But who knows? The people have made politicians listen before.


Some of the protests really look like tantrums being thrown by big toddlers who did not get their way. And some of it is very mean spirited.

Highway to Hell: Trump PAC CEO praises Muslim registry, internment camps

I wouldn’t weep yet for freedom of speech. It doesn’t include freedom from critique or even ridicule. Freedom to protest is sacred for at least five more weeks.

@Max_Blancke You found some dickish signs among the thousands? This would seem to be indicative of the principle that if you bring together hundreds of thousands of people, there will be a few dicks among them. You see a different dynamic at work here?


Kris Kristofferson approves👍!


Sure, some of them always do, and those are the few I prefer to hold up as a characteristic sample.



Let’s try that again, shall we?

A massive asshole won an election. Protest his policies and I’m all with you.
The US voting system massively skewers the public vote. Protest that and I’m with you, too.
Protest the vote, and all I will do is wondering what part of the concept of “voting” you do not understand.


Given that he’s already promised to appoint people who are a direct threat to my rights, I’m sorry if I’m not blase about this.

Should we gather in free speech zones and carefully designated areas at the right times? Voting isn’t the only aspect of democracy that matters.