Trump calls election a fraud, then adds that he won it

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Bring on the lawyers!


I am genuinely scared


The boxes: Soap, Ballot, Ammo.



Seriously. This is the worst outcome possible. I have no words.


The worst outcome would have been incidents with open fighting outside polling places. At least the election seems to have worked out better than some feared.


For a country that so loudly and actively promotes Democracy, America sure is shit at it.


The worst outcome possible is Trump wins, flips the House, and keeps the Senate. We aren’t there yet. There’s still realistic paths to victory for Biden. The Senate is looking less and less likely for us to flip, but we still have the House.


It’s scary to watch from over across the ocean, but I can only imagine how terrifying that must be when one actually lives in the US.

There is still hope that Biden wins, but even then this struggle is far from over. So may I recommend instead of just watching it happen we figure out what can be done right now?


Here’s why Trump is mad. If you plug in all the states called by at least 2 networks (i.e. include Arizona for Biden), FiveThirtyEight’s forecaster gives Biden a 95/100 chance of winning. This is because he no longer needs PA or GA.

Trump’s behavior is wild because he could still win by getting MI and WI! I would put that chance higher than 5% after Florida, which showed we have polling errors larger than 2016’s in the mix. But Trump is Trump, he can’t just shut up and see what happens.


I think its because there was always a gentlemen agreement to keep an old and weird system of voting alive.
The first-berfore-the-post-but-not-so-quite is totally weird and makes the votes on non-swinging states not important.

I think that a reform where the number of great electors is calculated proportionally on al states, will make the system more representative.

And for the democracy, a country that had until 50 years ago segregation laws and still has a “race” obsession has some edge to fix.

My two euros. (French euros to be precise)


Oh god, can we talk about the nicest Euro coin designs instead of this shit show?


The “weird system of voting” was a shitty compromise put in place to allow for the less populous southern states to have some kind of equal representation in government. They feared that with a direct election that they would get steamrolled by the northern states every time. This is also why every state gets two senators, regardless of how populous it is which gives less populous states far more legislative power than larger ones.

The system continues today because a cabal of small and inconsequential states want to maintain their disproportionate power over the election and are unwilling to give up this power.

Nobody would give a shit about the so-called “Great State of Ohio” if it wasn’t so consequential in deciding the election.

These systems are why a minority of voters get a disproportionate amount of power. This is why the popular vote for president has been overridden twice thus far in the past two decades. A majority of America is left leaning, but you wouldn’t be able to tell based on our representation in government. This is by design. Right wingers have been very good at playing the long game and eroding systems to get us to this point. Unfortunately you can’t “just fix” these systems because they are enshrined in the constitution.


I refuse to look at twitter, but I bet there’s gonna be some crazy tweets coming up. I hope Biden wins by at least 224,265.


A large number of US voters want to re-elect a hugely flawed, and probably criminal president. The system has problems but the issue here is the voters. Not much you can do about that.


The problem is not who controls or not the House or the Senate, the problem is that it being a close call and Trump calling fraud, the US has secured at least four years of fascist terrorism and lunatics claiming no matter what, that either (Biden wins) the government is illegitimate or (Trump wins) the media and all Trump detractors are tagged “enemies of the state”.
Violence in the pools would have only reinforced the illegitimacy of Trump tactics and prevented more moderate people falling into Trump’s “it is all a scam by the Democrats” rhetoric.


Alternatively, simply abolish the Electoral College.


I’m ok that smaller states don’t like to be steamrollered by bigger one, but, having at least a proportional representation of great electors could be proportional?
So it makes states like Alabama or New York more represented, because they aren’t a swinging states but is easy that the percentage of votes could make gain or lose a vote.

Christ, what an asshole.


which is what we had before, and it wasn’t enough to project power.