San Francisco high-school students stage a mass walkout in protest of Trump

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“Look at all the whiney losers!”

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Good for them.

On inauguration day, I’m not going to work, I’m not buying anything, I’m not consuming media, I’m not answering the phone, and I sure as hell am not bringing a Pomeranian bowling.


Poms always cheat at bowling.

They dress like beagles at the lanes.
(tho, I did get your reference)


You’ll find that’s the Aussies. Just ask any Kiwi.


Back in my high school days, walkouts were because of actions of the government, not the voters.

(p.s. get off my lawn)


There will be more red necks than rolling thunder in DC for inauguration day. Fucking waste of humanity. DC workers should stage a walk out of the entire city. Shut down the Metro, buses, and taxis. Restaurants and hotels should shut down.

Make DC a ghost town.


I don’t see any real point of distinction. Voters are responsible for the actions of their elected representatives. In any case less than 50% of voters in this election supported Trump.


No - go to the inauguration and stand with your back turned. DC did not support Trump, and there is no better image to start his presidency with than a mall full of protest.


It currently is, actually. Some of my closest friends live there and the reports I’m getting from all of them is that the entire town is wondering if they’ll even have a job in January. And remember: most of the jobs aren’t elected positions, so these are people who are accustomed to every Monday being a normal workday no matter who won the most recent election.


I’d question whether they would even WANT a job in DC any longer. In every government office there is a wall with a photo of the President hanging prominently. Can you imagine walking past that ugly fucking orange mug every morning?? What a fucking bummer. Makes me sick just thinking of it.


I’m sure the new guy will do a great deal of protest-worthy stuff over the next four years, but he hasn’t done anything as president just yet. Protesting the outcome of the vote seems pointless to me. It’s like what people assumed he would do after losing.

Protesting to ditch the electoral college would seem more logical. Granted, he is easier to hate than the system.


You nailed it. We reflexively position ourselves as the weak and oppressed party.

The reality is that they’re the ones in a weak position. They have a narrow majority in a historically unpopular Congress. Their leader is an unhinged buffoon who won by a razor thin margin. A substantial portion of his own voters don’t even like him. In taking the government they now have total ownership of the nation’s problems, but none of the legitimacy or popular mandate to go forward. The election was a tactical victory that will net them some dramatic short-term gains, but it was a strategic blunder of colossal proportions.

They’ve just exposed their soft spot. Now it’s time to stick the knife in.


I really like the idea of a national protest event on inauguration day. Hell, make it international because Trump and the party of old white racist dudes are going to burn down the entire planet.


Just think how the Disney World employees in the Hall of Presidents must feel this week.


You say that like he won’t restrict press access again.


Savoring the metaphor…

Forgot to say what I came in here for. I love the “Pussy Grabs Back” sign.


I’m wondering about putting off applying for citizenship for 4 years. I’m not swearing allegiance with a picture of that fucking arsehole hanging in front of me.


The electoral college that would require a constitutional amendment to abolish? The system to which everyone in a position to even start the process to get rid of it all by definition owe those positions to? Yeah, that’s realistic.

I mean I hate the EC too, but you’d have a better chance of outlawing gravity.

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