Donald Trump will not condemn the terrorist attacks on anti-Nazi protestors


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Today? He’s done it well before now with the cutting of funding into domestic terrorism.


The wording of his statement yesterday left plenty of room for the notzees to be the real victims of the piece.

“Condolences” to the dead and “best regards” to the injured?

What a jerk.

Rest of the world: commence the shunning. Turn away. Unextend all invitations. Limit all diplomats. Passive aggression all around, please.


The local Democrats are busy blaming the left:



I imagine that if pressed for a definition of that concept, Trump would say it’s when a wife says “Not tonight, honey” to her husband.


The rest of the world are busy building bomb shelters.


To quote Abba Eban about another group, the Dems never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.


The 2018 elections are 14 months away. Every would-be Republican candidate in America is waking up this morning and asking themselves how they’ll sweep this under the rug.

Many, but not all. Some of those prospective GOP candidates are looking for a way to lean into this as a way of connecting with the party’s Know-Nothing base.



It’s like they set the lowest possible bar and it was still too much for him.

“OK, Mr President, it’s time to look presidential. All you have to do is say something disapproving about Nazis.”
“Nnngghhh --”
“Come on, big guy. You can do it. This one’s easy. No risk. Everyone hates Nazis. Even Nazis hate each other. It’s a slam dunk.”
“Nnnngggggghhhh … I … I --”
“Just one tweet. One little tiny tweet. Just put aside your instincts and do the right thing. For once, please, just do the ordinary, sane, decent, human thing. It’s not that hard. Really.”
“Ngghh … get … out … of … my … office … I … won’t … I tell you, I won’t …”
“Well, shit. OK, never mind. It was worth a try. As you were. Carry on, Mr President.”



In other news:


Maybe because they admired his aspirations to become a “good” Christian soldier/martyr.

I do like the table-turning here, on American Christians and Republicans Americans who call out the entire “Islamic community” for not informing authorities about their radicalized members.



Nehlen is running against Ryan as the Trumpist candidate for the Wisconsin 1st.


Here is another one.


So I wear polo shirts for work, and I’m a white guy. I don’t have the alt right side sweep hairstyle, so I have that going for me. How do I differentiate my white guy work look from Nazi assholes even more? Do I plant a rainbow flag in my ass? Or will that just make me a Milo?


Betty Bowers is a treasure.


For me, it’s less how you look than what you do.


We all owe Trump a debt for answering the eternal question; Who is the worlds biggest asshole?

Christ, what an asshole.


Don’t. Just call yourself the polo shirt equivalent to the SHARPs.

Don’t let the fascist arseholes take anything from you.


A Black Lives Matter lapel pin.


WaPo writer Petula Dvorak was on fire this am.

“Trump is so afraid of offending his Tiki Tribe that he didn’t even own his flaccid statement with “I.”” -Wapo