Not My Emperor


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I don’t really get the subtitle “love. sidious. hate.” I guess it’s supposed to be like love trumps hate?


Needs shock of odd-colored ‘blond’ hair implants or whatever rodent lives on top of Rage Mango’s head. That’d be great (Darth Lumburgh made me lol)


Yeah, I’ve seen plenty of “Not my President” going around, and it only makes me sigh. Actually, he is, whether you like it or not. How about we adhere to the Constitution and say “Dump Trump 2020” instead? You know, like vote? We had something like a 55% turnout of eligible voters, a new low since 1996. Whose fault is that? Sure, the GOP did its usual voter suppression tactics, but those shenanigans can’t take total credit for getting Trump in the White House. Trump won because of his running mate: Mr. I Didn’t Vote. And his campaign manager: Mrs. I Don’t Give a Shit About Politics.

I got a better meme for your memesters. “Not my Electoral College”. How about we get rid of this antiquated, ridiculous, and grossly undemocratic way of selecting the President, and let the people in all 50 states decide…rather than disenfranchising millions of voters, liberal and conservative. Otherwise, Palpatine will continue to be your Emperor.

Join the Rebellion. 11 states have already fired up the X-wings:


I agree. Asking the Electoral College to rescue us from our own shitty voting is a dumb idea. It’s true, that’s the purpose of the College, but it still doesn’t let us off the hook.


It’s lots of people’s fault, but I especially blame the DNC and those whom its minions obey, for kneecapping Sanders and thrusting forth she whose turn it supposedly was, Mrs. Clinton.

May we never forget!


Both were considered shit weasels so the fact there was low turnout doesn’t surprise me – it’s a sign of general disgust, not necessarily disinterest. But if you don’t like how that turned out, waiting till Nov 2020 so that you can vote this time helps nobody. Democracy is not a spectator sport.


Midterms give us a chance to kneecap Drumpf. If the Rethuglicans can lose control of Congress, then we can blunt the rest of his term.


Yes - and the time to capitalize on that chance starts now, not in Nov 2018.


Except for that one literalist who is putting that poster with the intention of taking it down during the inauguration. That guy has it right.


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Ironically, the Electoral College exists to prevent a demagogue from becoming president. It is about to achieve the opposite of its primary function.


True that.


Complaining about Clinton didn’t elect President Sanders, did it?


Obviously not, but screwing Sanders in order to nominate Clinton probably did elect President Trump. Dems in general oughta learn that, and then never forget it.


Love Trump’s Hate


Lots of people’s fault. Yes. I tend to blame the folk who didn’t vote. There were apparently lots of those people.

Their reasons for not voting scarcely matter.


Their reasons for not voting scarcely matter.

What? Of course they matter. As on the right, many people on the left wanted someone outside of the neoliberal, austerity-pushing Democratic establishment to vote for. Sanders excited many of them, but when the Dems kneecapped him and installed Clinton, many saw through the scam, and through her, and decided not to vote. And they would have voted otherwise.

Blame them all you like for not voting, but their reasons for not voting greatly matter.