Go and vote


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He Has A Name You Know


Soon our long national nightmare will be over.

Unless it’s close.


Today is also my birthday! I only want one thing this year, and that’s for this country to be smart and elect Clinton.


Congratulations on your first US vote, @beschizza! Wise choice, too.


That’s kind of where I’m at…

If Herr Drumpf wins, we can expect a peaceful transition of power. It might be the last peaceful transition we enjoy for quite some time, but at least early 2017 will not be marred by civil war.

If Hillary wins in a squeaker, I will not be surprised if the Angry Cheetoh’s disciples take to the streets with some of their many guns.


My polling place, at 6:30 AM, usually has about three people inside voting. This morning there were many dozens in line, and it took an hour. I hope that’s a sign of high voter turnout, a sound rejection of the Dumptruck, and a Senate flip to the Democrats.


They already have. Hence @Papasan’s helpful reminder about contacting the FBI if they are impeding your access to vote.


Good job, toots!


Already done, last week. I’m going to check in with Gary, IN, because they’re more likely to have issues than we are, and it’s drive-able for me. (After a morning meeting, unfortunately, but I left the rest of the day very flexible.)



Well, okay, but just because it’s your birthday.


An hour in line in Philly this morning.
Still, very satisfying…


Way to go, Rob!

Now let’s go open that safe to celebrate! Who’s with me?


I’m voting sunshine/lollipops



We voted 2 weeks ago, at the kitchen table, with my kids. Cause my state is awesome and does vote by mail. Hope the rest of you get something like that soon.


I’ve heard great things about mail voting, like you get big packets with all the necessary information in it to help make an informed decision. To see my ballot early, I have to look for it and sign into a website.


Yep. Two or three weeks before the election they mail you the ballot, an opaque “secrecy envelope” to put it in, another envelope to send those through the mail, and a few days earlier, a voter guide explaining each citizen initiative. Basically, all you need is a stamp or two. And a few days after you mail it in, you can double check online whether it was received. Fantastic system.


Sounds like! May we all one day live in a place with a system like that. Seems a great way to boost voter turn out, actually.


A birthday video for Rob: