Debate: Trump admits paying no taxes, denies sexually assaulting women, says Hillary is the devil

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I can’t see why America even needs these “debates”. Why is Clinton only a few points ahead of the Trump? Why is Trump even the GOP candidate? I think the World’s Greatest Democracy needs to take a good long hard look at the education system that produces Trump supporters.


Trump avoided actually answering any questions during the debate, something which the moderators called him on frequently. When pressed for details on his plans, he demurred or simply refused to answer, pivoting always to the same accusations of Hillary being a “disaster”. He admitted paying no taxes, gave the most Islamophobic response possible to a question on how to repair Islamophobia, and often babbled incoherently about things like a post office or what people do at 3am.

If anyone watched that and thought he did a terrific, presidential job, they’re welcome to him.


It was a brilliant strategy to deflect from his issues with women by stalking one around the stage for the entire debate.

“Let me show you how much I respect women by trying to physically intimidate one.”


It was pointed out on NPR this morning that in his final positive statement about Clinton Trump contradicted his claim that she lacks the “stamina” to be president, saying that she’s a fighter who never gives up.

Not that it should come as any surprise. Trump contradicts himself on a regular basis.


I think Trump might be right, we’re all losers.


Republicans have created districts where the “basket of deplorables” dominate politically in order to maintain power (see “Southern Strategy”). This “basket” has now become self-aware and is excising the GOP of moderates, because the GOP doesn’t need left-leaning voters to win. It doesn’t help that conservative talk shows feed this electorate a steady diet of how horrible things are because of the people who don’t look or act like they do in the country. Trump is the logical conclusion of this exercise.


Well, the bar is set so low for Trump at this point, it’s not so much that he “won” it’s that he didn’t reach into his pants and start flinging shit at everyone, or scream for his supporters to rush the stage and lynch Hillary (at least not literally.)

There’s no point in having a debate on “the issues” if one of the debaters doesn’t have more than a very basic idea what the issues even are. It seems like Trump’s solution to any issue is “I’m going to solve this problem by fixing it, so trust me, I’m a successful businessman.” The debates are just another photo-op for him.


Carrie Fisher may overstating the case.


I’ll be honest, there were moments during the debate when Trump was at his angriest and most stalker-y when I was genuinely a bit nervous for Hillary; I half expected him to cold-cock her on stage or to nod to a surrogate in the audience.


I really think he could rape a child and a good number of his supporters wouldn’t care.

Oh wait - that very well might have happened.


“Say ‘Hello’ to my little hands!”


My wife said the same thing. His skin is thinner than one coat of primer. He seems so nervous, so off balance, almost drugged at first — I didn’t think he’d make it the full 90 minutes. I so badly wanted Hillary to say “Oh I was going to bring the woman who is accusing you of raping her when she was 13, but … she’s afraid to come public because you threatened to kill her family.”

Edit: Look at the grudge he has against ROSIE O’DONNELL for pete’s sake. He will make it his life’s mission to destroy Clinton, Bill, and Chelsea while he’s at it. Win or lose, he will make it his mission.


I chose not to watch the Yakov Smirnoff opening for the Spin Doctors at the Iowa State Fair s**t show this was going to be, though I watched 538’s blogging coverage of it. From the sound of it, he was a demented twit for most of the first half hour, and it wasn’t until later that he stabilized and tried to make some showing of the thing, scoring a few points. Clinton for her part sounded like she was cautious, and if I were her… I wouldn’t even address his tape scandal, let him keep digging that hole himself.

It is indeed a sad day for our country that a man like him could be on the brink of the presidency and only a graphic tape where he outlines his 5 point “How to get a woman in bed through sexual assault and tic tacs” method might finally drag him down just far enough that she can get a comfortable win. And I’m not even sure now that will do it, but we’ll see where polls out at the end of this week.

In the meantime, November can’t come soon enough, and if Trump wins… well, I didn’t need television, newspapers or the internet anyways, I’m fine without them. Because I can’t watch the next four years of what happens to us as a nation. I feel pretty sure she’ll win now, but still… sigh… what a nightmare.


Very successful education systems seem to flourish mainly in smaller northern countries like Finland.


Yes, and that worked out so well for the UK referendum on the EU, which is why I continue to worry about what will happen in November.



Is that Wilson Fisk, “The Kingpin of Crime”, to the right of Trump? I’m thinking he’d be a Clinton supporter.


I know his true fans would love that, but I suspect it would scare off even more Republicans than his “grab them by the pussy” comments did.

I wonder if the Secret Service is prepared for something like that.

“I pledge to be a better man tomorrow.” Good thing for him tomorrow is always a day away, so today he can remain an asshole.


The one thing I do not get is that Trump keeps going after Bill Clinton and Pres. Obama. At what point has some not handed Hillary a card and said “Read this verbatim!”…

"Donald Trump seems to be confused as to who is on the ballot this coming November. I am here to set him and everyone else straight. The two names on the ballot are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There is not Bill or Barack on there. Donald, you keep trying to have a character debate around two TWO term Presidents. Both of whom have led our nation through 16 years of economic growth and development, fought for the rights of all people to be equal under the law, and worked tirelessly on passing laws and setting policies that will have a positive impact on our world for generations to come. If you want to debate character, you stick to me, because both Bill and Barack are way out of your league.

I am your opposition Donald. Me. A woman. And if you try and grab me? You will not get that hand back."