Anyone watching the US Presidential debate tonight?


Well, are you? What do you expect?


I’m still expecting a shitshow. Clinton already missed a golden opportunity to cut him to pieces on jobs. :frowning:


Tried watching, couldn’t tolerate more than a few seconds of either candidate.

If anyone wants to post a running play-by-play, I’d be keen to read it.


Can’t believe she didn’t call him out on shipping his own companies’ manufacturing jobs to Mexico and China.


I’ll do what I can as low by as I can stand it.

So far, Trump is all about the 90’s. Also, constantly interrupting Clinton. He’s blamed her for NAFTA, of all things. As if that wouldn’t have been a veto override. Now he says Clinton has been fighting ISIS her whole adult life. Dafuq?



Another chance now…


How’s Clinton supposed to say anything when Trump won’t shut up? Which appears to be his strategy: flood 'em with bullshit. It worked in the primaries.


Trump pivoted from lude-mode to meth-mode incredibly quickly.


Inorite? She’s beginning to assert that the rules be followed again.


BTW - Trump keeps running on about jobs leaving Michigan. On the news just the other day, the Detroit market, mind, unemployment is at 4.5%. Everywhere I go, help wanted signs, starting wages (without legislation behind it) over $15/hr.


The fucking trump supporters in the audience. Jesus, kick them out if they won’t shut the fuck up. They agreed to be silent. Kick them out.


“That makes me smart.”


Christ, what a shitshow.


Onto tax returns. Trump says he won’t release his returns until “after the audit.” Clinton pounced on it.

…Then she leaves an attack open regarding the email server. Three seconds later, he’s back to his own ego and his alleged wealth.


He does love talking about how rich he is, doesn’t he?




We’re already a third world country, according to trump.

Oh, and it’s Clinton’s fault that Bush Co invaded Iraq.

Finally, she’s hitting him on stiffing people on his contracts.


He has the best wealth, the classiest!


FFS, he’s calling basically everyone who’s done work for him lazy.

Way to win hearts and minds, trump. Zloi mudak.


Yeah, stiffing Uncle Sam by not paying taxes will play reasonably well in red states. Stiffing your own employees, however, probably won’t.


Trump’s saying he stiffed workers by taking advantage of the law as though this is a good thing.