Anyone watching the US Presidential debate tonight?


I dunno, there’s a lot of Stockholm Syndrome going on in overly “red” areas.

Christ, now he thinks Federal contracts work by something other than sheer cronyism. What a maroon.


Oh, now we get to hear trump talk about race relations in a minute

This’ll be good.


I feel we’re seconds away from Trump shouting “#bluelivesmatter”…


Oh, shit! Clinton said gun control.


Why does Clinton talk so slowly?


So close…authoritarian worshippers love a fascist.


Trump: “We need law and order”


Oh ffs, “Stop and frisk worked really well.”

What a fucking liar

Not bullshit. Simply a liar.


a very…against…police judge


Ah yes, because judges want to burn bridges with people they work with every single day.


So sorry, no <3 for that one.

Srsly, Trump is saying that “stop and frisk” isn’t unconstitutional. Mostly because he doesn’t understand “lower court decision held” or “remanded to lower court.”


Trump’s going full word salad now. It’s like he can only keep half an idea in his head at a time.


So… are y’all screaming at your teevees? throwing shit? Setting stuff on fire? I dunno how you’re watching the debacle, but thank you for doing it so I don’t have to.


Oh, I can’t watch this at all. trump makes me too sick when I actually see him speak, but I’m listening in a background tab.


what will you do to heal the racial divide
"My endorsement from FOP just came in!"
–D. T.


Clinton just said no more profit motive for prisons. That’s positive.

…But follows up with a gun control statement.

Now she’s speaking out about bias in general, and police getting stuck dealing with mental health problems.


Trump re: NRA- These are really good people.

::face palm::

And we’re back to the early 90’s with Trump bringing up Clinton’s stupid “super-predictor” gaff from cir. 1992.


Ugh this is just too stupid, I’m done. I’ll see ya in the morning and I’ll be reading the synopses.


Trump, who took out a full page ad to railroad the Central Park Four to prison for a crime they didn’t commit and called them “animals” is outraged that he didn’t come up with “super-predators.”


She’s wonkish. All about the details.

Not good at just pointing out the stupid shit Trump says and let him hang himself.

And defending that stupid idea about guns and no-fly lists is deeply dumb.