Will Clinton "Finish Him" at third debate?


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Waitress receives tip: God wants you to go home and cook

I don’t know. What’s her finishing move?


One of the key differences between the Clinton v Trump debates and Mortal Kombat is that no fighter in MK ever finished themselves.



Is this to be the debate thread for tonight?

Do we all have drinks ready?


Please be a Tiger Driver, please be a Tiger Driver…



Consider it pleaded.


There’s a pun about pants in there but it eludes me. I’m surprised you didn’t already seize the opportunity.


Speak for yourself. I, for one, am not transfixed. Somewhat amused and bemused by the whole thing, but transfixed? Naaaaah.


I have no idea how y’all can go through the entire debate. I caught a couple of headlights from the previous ones, but it felt like… like when you watch The Office (UK version) and you’re embarrassed for the characters and you want to stop watching, but you’re also laughing at the jokes and “surely he can’t be that stupid?”, and then you cry when you remember that your office looks like that and your boss talks like that and god we’re all gonna die.



The move that reduces one’s opponent into a screaming infant.


Are you kidding? “Who am I? Why am I here?” will never not be relevant. That debate and how it was interpreted was the perfect encapsulation of why an honest man/woman will never make it in politics.

Also, -1 for blatantly baiting for Mortal Kombat gifs.


Adios MoFo tRump!


My prediction:

Clinton will call Trump a “scared little boy.”

In response, Trump will say, “Go f*ck yourself, bitch.”

Trump will lose the election massively for saying this, but among a certain group of people he’ll be a legend.


I find myself to be totally disgusted by the whole charade. Nothing that will better our nation and nothing that will educate our citizens will occur in the farce tonight. I will be better served watching old Looney Tunes Cartoons…


And also a T-shirt.


Good news, Gen X! You’ve finally found your identity!

It just happens to be that of the generation after you.


I got some cake.

Do I really have to watch the debate though?