Second 'Presidential' Debate Thread


Have at it!

I trust all have alcohol or other medicinal products available.


Before the video even loads, Trump makes his mark…


Again, I don’t think I can bear to watch it live.

It’s gotten to the point where I need to be able to fast forward over the same repetitive bullshit, and to rewind when some unbelievable nonsense has been spouted.


ABC news is interviewing some young people at Washington U. No offense to these people, but I’ve never been blown away by anything anyone has ever had to say during one of these kinds of segments. Actually the only thing that really struck me was how deeply disaffected people seemed to be.


They cherry pick the people whom they interview, and which ones actually get aired though.


Those high bistro chairs are so awkward.


Was the first question about Iran?


No. He brought it up for basically no reason. I can’t even- WHOA. Cooper just brought it down on Trump. “You have sexually assaulted women.”


…yeah, locker room talk, but ISIS.


Wow way to stay on a message irrelevant to the question asked.


How much Prozac did Trump take before the debate?


Xanax or Klonapin is more likely. Combined with botox.



This is on in the background at the restaurant we’re having dinner at right now… And, wow. I am loving seeing Hilary give him the side eye, though.


Trump went to the second-grade school of argument. I’m waiting for him to pull out the gold standard retort of seven-year olds everywhere: “Nuh-uh!”


You would think a billionaire could afford a suit that fits.


Threats. Awesome.


I’m pretty sure this is the first debate where a candidate has explained they would have their opponent put on trial and jailed if they won.


What? You don’t like Trump Suits? But they’re the best suits, they’re really phenomenal suits.


Telling an opponent that she’ll be in jail once he’s elected. Classy and well measured.