Report: Trump angry at own aides after they concede he lost debate


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It’s a little off topic, but are you trying to give me nightmares with all these recent Trump photoshops you keep putting on articles boingboing?


Good help is hard to find, amirite?



NSFW warning (language):


Yesterday Trump was crowing that “almost every single poll” showed him winning the debate.

Apparently there is a point at which even he can’t believe his own bullshit.



I thought the shooped “Beschizza” tattoo was a nice touch.


The sleep I lose over tRump being unhappy, I tell ya it’s horrible.


The word you are looking for is Schadenfreude.


Trump has short orange hair. Our host @beschizza has long orange hair. So… what’s going on there?


Yes, me too. This theme is much better than the “mouths as eyes” theme.


So, I have to ask. Were they… fired?


Don’t learn from your mistakes, lie about the outcome.


November 9, 2016:

Trump: What the hell is going on here? I didn’t give anybody permission to leave! And what’s this crap I hear on the news about acknowledging that Hillary won?

Aide: It’s over, sir. Biggest landslide in a generation. They’re saying your campaign salted the earth for Republicans for decades to come.


Aide: We know better than that by now sir. We’ve been following the news. Goodbye.

Aide exits room leaving Trump alone, fuming in unprecedented silence.


Well let’s hope he goes to the next debate with the same strategy that won the last one for him. Next one’s a town hall. He’s going to get to call the voters losers on a one-on-one basis. Should go over well.


One of the best things I ever read about was Mitt Romney having to drive back to his son’s house alone the night he lost the election. The minute you lose the Secret Service pack up and depart, as you are literally no longer anyone they have any business protecting.

That’s going to be something to watch. I may travel into Manhattan just to watch them drive away from Trump Tower that night.


How awesome would it be if he had to face down some of the small business owners he screwed over in person, or field a question from the former Miss Universe who he called “Miss Piggy”.


You know what’s going to be unbelievable? His concession speech. It’s going to be huge.


Since you aren’t getting the reference. That is the joke.
The gentleman in the gif is a german college student foosball enthusiast mocking the show’s lead actor.