Supercut of Donald Trump sniffing oddly at the first presidential debate


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He’s now saying something was wrong with this microphone.

WTF did he say at one point - “Poo ah” or something – in the middle while Clinton was speaking. Impossible to google because whatever he said wasn’t actual words.


sniffing oddly


The dog ate his tax returns?

As Deadpool said - Donny should have worn brown.


Maybe he reads BoingBoing.


It must have been one of those novelty microphones that makes everything you say sound racist and unhinged.


Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?

— Howard Dean (@GovHowardDean) September 27, 2016


Dean continued: “Hey, I’m just asking questions.”



I wonder whether Trumps complaints about the microphone were because he had it set lower, so that it wasn’t pointed directly at his mouth. Clinton on the other hand, had her microphone pointed directly at her mouth, but at times that made here look like she was growing a soul patch.


(Cued to the relevant lyric—and yes, I mean singular word here. You know what it is.)



Listen, we got a big problem here, okay! Either Trump has a serious health problem, and that would be a problem, that would be a huge problem. Or, on the other side, and I’m not saying this is it, but I know experts, I know the best experts okay! And they’re saying, again the top minds, smart people okay. They’re saying it’s cocaine. I’m not saying it is! But maybe, it maybe cocaine.


His microphone? He wouldn’t shut up through half the damn debate. He used the ‘never stop talking’ approach to controlling the discussion.

The moderator’s microphone was clearly malfunctioning as he was completely not up to the task of shutting him up when it wasn’t his turn to talk.


Now I’m glad x100 that I didn’t watch it in real time. That was awful.


I’m always amazed by the fact that, with all our incredible technological achievements, we can’t simply shut their damn mikes off when it’s not their turn. That would put an end to that sort of stupidity in a heartbeat. I hate our modern debate system because of how much it allows the candidates to try and get away with in terms of talking over each other.


Don’t worry. Donald get this campaign on the ground.


Maybe he has pneumonia.


To make this work, we have to put them into gameshow-style quiet rooms where they can only hear the moderator and their opponent, but their mic is off when it’s not their turn to speak. That way, the TV audience can watch Trump yammer away the whole time Clinton is speaking without Clinton getting constantly interrupted or shouted over.


But if he did it would be the best cocaine. And he would get the Colombians to pay for it.

[edit - I fear I am under a misapprehension. My legal adviser tells me Dr. Dean was merely suggesting that Mr. Trump had drunk a well known carbonated soda colloquially known as “Coke” and it had gone up his nose. I sympathise with Mr. Trump’s plight and apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused.]


Dunking booths would be OK by me. It’s a carnival after all isn’t it?

Doesn’t have to be water, perhaps an acid bath… say, with piranhas… or acid proof sharks, with lasers…