Trump's just gonna wing the debates


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I’m remembering that favorite quote of fantasy writers, “The greatest swordsman in the world doesn’t fear the second greatest swordsman. He fears the worst swordsman, because he has no idea what the idiot will do.”

(admittedly, as put into actual practice, completely inaccurate, but still rather illustrative for this instance)


I have a feeling there will be no second debate.


This reminds me, I need to buy more popcorn.


I read that, he’s basically sitting around with some friends coming up with zinger one liners and thinking that’s what will be talked about in the paper the next day and then he’ll win the debate. Piece of cake. Soundbite win.

I’m terrified it will work.



I suspect Hillary is going to bring an abundance of rope.


I imagine Trump will prepare. It just won’t appear anything like what you’d think reasonable practice looks like.
In my head?

I picture Trump in front a mirror (gold, beveled edges- classy!) shouting “Crooked” and “Wall” and “Radical Islam” while gazing at his reflection from several different angles. He adjusts his tie, raises his chin slightly (smooth jowls, nicely tan- classy!), squares himself and musters his steely eyes before shrieking “BENGAHZI”


As history has shown Trump’s supporters are disappointed when he sticks to prepared remarks. They like it when he wings it.

Of course as history has shown Trump can’t help saying stupid things when he’s winging it which is why this should be fun.


Yes, but to “win” a debate, what does that mean in relation to US politics? He could spend the entire time on the podium making fart noises with his armpit and the Trumplidites will still think he won.

All Hillary has to do is keep her composure, and seem reasonable and intelligent and at least somewhat likable. She’s not there to appeal to his followers, she’s there to appeal to everyone else.


If I were Clinton, I think I would be pretty nervous. You don’t win a debate like this with facts or well reasoned arguments. If you did, then Cruz or Rubio or Kasich would be the Republican candidate.

Who is going to put on the better show? Who’s going to be more likable? Even though I despise the guy, I think Trump has the upper hand here.

I agree with some_guy, but would change it slightly. They are both trying to win over the undecideds. Those are the only people that really matter.


Ugh, that picture. Make it go away.


Does it even matter? Trump is the post-electability candidate. Either more than half of the country wants to see America as we know it burn or not.


I am reminded of a scene from this movie…

…where a painfully stereotypical LARP dork decides he’s going to challenge an actual swordsman.


I have a feeling there technically won’t be a first debate. Because i don’t think Trump has the required intelligence to actually engage in debate…


Alternately, there’s this connection:


I don’t know why you left his ears on. He doesn’t listen.


The debate format is what it is for a reason, but sometimes I wish they could just ask each other pointed questions that must be answered. “Who’s the president of _____________?” that requires a response, not some rambling non-answer.


He’s highly intelligent, just ask him. He knows all the best words!


The Clinton camp believes that Mr. Trump is most insecure about his intelligence, his net worth and his image as a successful businessman

Yes, those are the top 3 out’a 100.