Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders agree to debate each other

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Oh sweet Jesus. Pay per view?


Will this be Trump’s first big campaign event in front of a non-GOP audience? It will be interesting to see how his particular brand of populism plays in front of a less bigoted crowd. (Praying it doesn’t go over well, because I don’t particularly want to have to join a resistance cell.)


Sanders will surely overcome Trump’s populism and capitalism with his own clear and convincing selling of socialist ideas. Class warfare as gladiatorial debate. GAME ON!


Somehow, I feel Trump is going to either ignore this entirely or backpedal out of it.


This would be a very intriguing event, but I have a feeling it won’t happen, mostly because one side or the other will decide that it further legitimizes the other side. (Edit: @SemTeK basically beat me to it!)

OTOH, Trump especially has little to lose, and much to gain. Seems to me that if he’s any more than a giant ego who loves any chance to draw attention to himself, he won’t try to destroy Sanders. Instead, he’ll repeatedly label Sanders’ popularity as similar to his own – “I actually like this guy. We’re both outsiders fighting against a corrupt system. C’mere, gimme a big hug, you New York lug!”

Best case scenario: Bernie does well, and masses of people realize that the polls are right – he’d do better than Clinton against Trump in the general.


Just what Trump needs, more attention. Why would Sanders do this? Does he want a Trump presidency? Because that’s how you get a Trump presidency.


I’m sure Trump’s thinking is probably “Sanders’ campaign is a lost cause anyway, and this could hurt Hillary.” Not sure either assumption is true but if the debate does go forward that will probably be his angle.


Why would the additional attention for Trump brought about by this one debate ensure his presidency? it’s not like the attention paid to Trump isn’t already turned up to 11.

It would also give more attention to Sanders, and his policies. And like I said, it might show a lot of people that Sanders can stand up and puncture Trump’s bloviating bullying better than Clinton would.

Sounds plausible. And cozying up to her Dem opponent as “an outsider, just like me! Not like that establishment whore Hillary.” could be one way to do that. (Not that he’d be stupid enough to call her what he probably does in private.)


a $25,000+ per person Donald Trump fundraiser in Hollywood

I wonder if any of the important people who pay for a seat at these events actually go. A rubber-chicken dinner and a speech by Trump sounds like hell on earth.


Well, Trump has crossed the delegate threshold now. Not sure how more legitimate he can get.

The only person this harms is Clinton. Which is why I think Trump may do it.

He wants a Sanders presidency. So why wouldn’t he do it? This is probably as close as he’ll get to a presidential debate, and it’s another national stage to air his views.


Nice, Drumpf must love a good ass kicking.


I think this is probably Sanders’ last fuck you to Clinton. He knows he isn’t going to get the Democrat nomination so now he’s helping Clinton’s opponent.

And you do you really think Trump has a problem with the establishment? Maybe when he was an outsider (relatively speaking), but now there’s nobody more establishment than him.

Yes and no, to the extent that I care to speculate about what he really thinks. I was referring to how he presents himself to voters (“The system is corrupt/rigged, I’m an outsider/successful businessman who can fix it,” etc.)

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I think you mean, how he presents himself to the voters he’s currently talking to.

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Trump/Sanders 2016!!!


No, we get a Trump president by Hillary refusing to offer anything meaningful to the left wing independents. She’s been doing very well at that, so far.


Do Bernie’s eye bleed?

I can easily imagine him starting out on that tack. But after Sanders repeatedly attacks him, I can’t imagine Trump not lashing out.