The guy who played the role of Trump in Hillary Clinton's practice debates explains how to beat him

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I mean, I wish this guy no ill, but I checked my list of people who have valuable opinions about how to beat Trump in any fashion, and at the bottom, just after the dead carp I saw floating at the pond last week, was ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH HILLARY CLINTON’S CAMPAIGN.

Or, maybe we can also check in with the New York Jets on the best way to beat the Patriots and then hear from Italy on the best techniques for winning a world war.


There’s been a upsetting trend in recent debates of the moderator doing little actual moderating, just acting as basically an announcer. If I wanted to watch an unmoderated shouting match I’ll just go to a youtube comment section.


Who do you want to ride in a car with? The guy who has literally never even got IN the car or the guy that has driven around the block and learned what to avoid?



Hillary Clinton received the third most votes of any presidential candidate ever, beaten only by Barack Obama (2008) and (barely) Barack Obama (2012). She outdistanced Trump by nearly three million votes, and if not for a combination of tricks of geography and a concerted and successful effort by a foreign power to meddle in our politics, she’d be President.


who and what are you trying to beat? This is not high school debate club - there are no points, and “winning” the “debating” does not translate into winning the election. trump’s rabid supporters believe all his lies, and no matter what will believe he won. So who are you aiming to win over?

If it were me, I’d refuse to debate him on the basis he does nothing but lie - then provide a giant log of all trumps lies, and make the whole issue about the debate about trump lying. Period. Otherwise you go have a debate with him, you are giving him a chance to grandstand, tell new lies, and make up a nasty nick-name for you.


1.Wave some keys in front of his face
2. Have a squirrel run across the stage
3. Ask him a question


If the guy who’s been around the block did so in the wrong gear and wrecked the engine while also running over two cats and a hydrant, I’m going to have some questions before I jump in the car.

And I dispute your premise that folks in the Clinton campaign have “learned what to avoid.”

Those things, and a historically inept campaign. I voted for & supported her eagerly, and she’d have been a fine President, but she ran a shit campaign that also contributed to her losing.

As an illustration, if I’m playing basketball against the Harlem Globetrotters, I’m probably right to point out that they used a ladder at one point to score a basket, but me tripping over my own feet and not being able to score an uncontested layup shouldn’t be ignored either.


My guess is he will not debate at all.

How to beat him if he did?



The last presidential debates were an embarrassment, little in actual debate and substance and more of interrupting, personal attacks and BS being spewed all over the stage. I’ve seen high school student council debates that were more professional and actually made good arguments on both sides of a topic than our last series of presidential debates. If they want to do them like the last time where the moderators do pretty much nothing then at least drop the facade that it’s a debate and bring in Jerry Springer to run the circus sideshow we’re getting.


I wish they would agree to cut the microphone of the other party when it is NOT their turn.

The candidates have to agree to the terms in advance.
Trump would never agree to this if he thought it applied to him.
It could be worded in such as way as to make him THINK that the microphone of “the opponent” would be cut if it was not “their turn”.

Trump would start trying to interrupt and find that his mic was off. He would forget that the terms applied to BOTH parties. The anger, the betrayal, the hissy fits, the stomping off the stage to “fix this”.


If the guy who’s been around the block did so in the wrong gear and wrecked the engine while also running over two cats and a hydrant, I’m going to have some questions before I jump in the car.

Especially if his pitch is “I know you can see my car is messed up, but now I know what to avoid, the secret is to get the right playlist going on the radio”

What exactly do people think “winning” a debate with Trump will get you? You going to convert a bunch of MAGA folks by proving you are better with rhetoric and logic than Trump? Are there non-voters out there who will be motivated to vote when they see the debate scores?

The answer is no, we know it is, there has been endless analysis and polling and “what the hell happened” research into this. This is the delusional approach that lost the last election, which should have been a historically easy win.



Trump is going to say “Remember in 2016 when there were Muslims and Mexicans running all amok, the crime rate was rampant, everybody was unemployed, the economy was in the toilet, and I came in and fixed all that?”
And his supporters are going to say “Yes, that’s exactly how I remember it.”


Everything went to shit after the parties decided it would be a lot more productive (for them) to move it away from the League of Women Voters and over to CNN. It’s like putting the WWE in charge of Olympic wrestling events.


I remember the debates, the common perception was that she handled him quite easily and came out on top, and gained in the polls immediately after.

Debates don’t matter if you’ve got the state security forces of a large nuclear power helping you.


I dunno… It might be best to just not debate him.

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“i thought I already paid that” = lie # 93,378,098


And Trump would play the “chicken” card and you’d lose.

That’s exactly the point here. Clinton won the debates on substance but that doesn’t matter. This guy is telling us how to beat Trump in the debates, not on debate points but on gaining votes. I think he’s got some good ideas. The people we are trying to “win over” are all the people in the center who actually could vote either way. They exist.