Hillary Clinton campaign ad: mashup of Republicans bashing Trump

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Because it worked so well for them?


It technically follows the adage: “If you can’t say something nice…”

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Why not also upload to YouTube? It doesn’t cost a penny does it? Maybe you have to pay a staffer for 10 minutes of their time - 30 minutes if they’ve never seen YouTube before.

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Or possibly because of the fine-grained kickbacks / favors the service can afford its favorite government partners…


I suspect that Trump would proudly run this ad himself as validation that he’s not like (and not liked by) ‘the establishment’. He’s that delusional.


Many Republicans I know are now looking at Garry Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.

If he gains traction, Hillary is a shoe in, just like Clinton One won because Perot took too many voters that would have otherwise voted for Bush.


You say that like it’s a good thing. But:


She’s starting to pick it up. Good. Finally. Glad to see her campaign starting to focus and show some spark.



Dear GOP,

You did this to yourselves.

Liberals, centrists and everyone else who isn’t in a political party.


So she’s doing campaign ads for Trump now?

Pssst, Hillary, the fact that lots of people hate Trump is part of the reason others love him.

Also, I’m really not going to get scared into voting for you. Give me something to vote FOR, not just something to vote against.


It’s all in Google’s hands now. It’s not like any of us were using democracy in the first place so:


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Right? I can’t imagine Sanders endorsing ads that stoop this low. Nor Obama, actually.


To be fair, if Trump wasn’t born rich he might have built the family fortune the same way his grandfather did.

(Granted, Canada doesn’t allow brothels any more.)


Now, if we can get the right people to see this…


While there’s a loud fringe of people who definitely love him because he’s a racist bigot, I think that with the campaign going widespread, getting film in front of average voters of respected Republicans saying that “their man” is a racist xenophobic bigot isn’t going to help Trump very much.


It’s a tactical miscalculation on her part, and it’s showing that her campaign strategists have a critical weakness: they don’t understand the fundamental (and, to a certain extent, shared) appeal of Trump and Sanders.

I think the fact that he’s a racist xenophobic bigot that makes career politicians nervous is exactly Trump’s appeal to many of his supporters. A commercial saying “Don’t vote for Trump because other Republicans hate him!” is like an anti-Bernie add saying “Don’t vote for Sanders because the investor class hates him!”


Really? I think Romney doing exactly that completely backfired. “Respected” Republicans are the very sort of “establishment” figures that so many voters on both sides are sick to death of.


I think the Trump minions are going to have a lot to work with in their own smears of the other side. As Kshama Sawant points out in her argument that the energy generated by Sanders’ run must not be wasted:

As a U.S. Senator, Clinton voted for the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, the Patriot Act re-authorization, for new “free trade” deals (including the 2008 Panama agreement which helped perfect it as a tax haven), for bank deregulation, the Wall Street bailouts (TARP), the 2006 border fence legislation, and the list goes on. As Secretary of State she was perhaps the administration’s most aggressive proponent for interventions in Libya and Syria that fueled the humanitarian crisis in the region. She acted as a global spokesperson for fracking, and in spite of considerable pressure from Sanders has not backed down from this environmentally devastating practice.

Hillary won the admiration of Bloomberg Businessweek for her corporate advocacy as Secretary, noting that “Clinton turned the State Department into a machine for promoting U.S. business,” and sought “to install herself as the government’s highest-ranking business lobbyist.”

How can anyone seriously argue that we can continue our political revolution by supporting one of the highest profile opponents of that revolution, who has essentially vowed that the things we’re fighting for will “never ever happen”? Hillary Clinton’s actual policies will not be rooted in whatever platform is passed at the convention, but will be based instead on her own neoliberal politics and on the influence of Wall Street and the billionaire class that have funded her campaign. In fact, the Clinton camp has already responded to Sanders, rejecting attempts to push Hillary to the left.