Hillary Clinton campaign ad: mashup of Republicans bashing Trump

Sure, and those people are definitely supporting him so far. But I think that primary voters aren’t always the same as general election voters. There’s tons of casual everyday Republicans who are disgusted by Trump and are longing for “the old days”; I think Hillary’s campaign is smart to focus on the wide swaths of voters who’re already nostalgic for Romney rather than try to convert Trump’s hardcore anti-establishment base.


Everyone above is correct so far, even the contradictory comments. If I were the Democrats, one part of the campaign would only be videos of Mr. Trump saying all the outrageous things that we has said. No commentary. I wouldn’t use this Republican unifier thing because no one cares. I would have the abortion one, the wall one, the mexican rapist and drugs one, the block every Muslim one, the woman hating one (or several). Maybe a series where he contradicts himself, because there is plenty of that. And that covers the vote against Mr. Trump angle.

Then Secretary Clinton can focus on what she will do, not on being the lesser of two evils. Tell the electorate that Senator Sanders has helped her to see the light (which I hope has happened because I am a foolish optimist). Get him on board (if possible). Pick a few bold plans focused on the economy and stick with them. Have a foreign policy focused on peace and prosperity, not war, but stick mainly to the economy. And that covers the vote for Secretary Clinton angle.


Sure, but really, that would be a complete turnaround for her. Ain’t gonna happen because she’s a self-serving, corporatized, Wall Street-backing, coup-instigating, dissident-suppressing warmonger.


Yeeeeeaaaah… I just don’t know about these videos. The quick cuts, almost set up as jokes. The fun music. It’s just more of the reality TV show Trump has created. It doesn’t present this as serious at all.

Isn’t saying you are going to ban all muslims from entering the US and also kill the families of terrorists deserving of a more serious tone? Both stands are deeply un-American, and the latter is an international war crime.

Answer: Yes, it is more deserving. This cute “ha ha look how clever we are at making Trump look foolish” tactic is just as amoral as Trump. And it won’t be effective.

How sure are we that Trump isn’t a Clinton campaign operative? I feel like a tinfoil hat wearer asking that, but this is all so surreal.


Which is probably why Clinton isn’t the one speaking in those ads. If the two of them face off in the general election you can hardly expect her campaign to remain silent on the subject of her opponent.


Speaking as a Canadian outsider here…

Clinton’s biggest problem vs. Trump will be winning the media air time war. That key in getting the Republican nomination. These videos won’t help, as Trump has proved that any publicity is good publicity. If you were even pondering a vote for Trump, these videos probably won’t sway you because you’ve already looked past his racism/misogyny and more nutbar policies. If it’s trying to motivate solid Democrats to vote for you, well, you already know what a monster the guy is and you weren’t going to vote for him anyway. Clinton needs to stake out what she stands for, not just point out Trump’s underbelly while hoping her own will go unnoticed.

I didn’t believe it at first, but there is a very real chance that many Dems will stay home in November. This race is FAR from over.


Showing video clips of Trump saying horribly racist things to point out how racist he is is… amoral?

In what possible way? But then again you’re theorizing that Trump is literally employed by Hillary Clinton, so yes, some tinfoil seems to be involved here.


What happened to McAfee?

Not to mention these commercials only crystalize his message of being an outsider, only its a net positive to him rather than an attack add. He can say “yup, these are true and its the establishment attacking me”.

The next 6 months will require a LOT of popcorn :slight_smile:

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Showing video clips of Trump saying horribly racist things to point out how racist he is is… amoral?

Feeling like maybe you didn’t really read my comment.

Yeah, Johnson is a candidate, not the nominee.

But like Stein in the Greens, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t win.

(although he’s losing to ‘Uncommitted’ right now…

McAfee has 26 votes.

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I voted for Gary Johnson last election because I saw the two party candidates as being equally unappetizing. It would have been another 4 years of a democrat or republican. I didn’t think Johnson had a chance - but I really do like the guy. He’d be infinitely better than Trump or Clinton. And I generally like his politics and I like him as a person too - dude climbed Everest.

But this election I’m not so sure I could vote for him. I mean, I know he’d take more votes from Trump than Clinton but I feel like I can’t sit back and let Trump win. It would be a dangerous four years.

Mmm, no, I did. You stated that mocking and ridiculing Trump with a joking tone is “just as amoral as Trump”, and that you weren’t sure if Trump is employed by Clinton or not. Is that not what you meant to say?

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I’m fond of the current one trending on Twitter:



Is this sarcasm? I genuinely can’t tell. Regurgitating other’s attack ads doesn’t seem like “spark”.

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And this is why we really need a weighed voting system. Otherwise it is just rotating giant douches out with shit sandwiches.

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I’m being serious, strangely enough.
I think that trying to focus her campaign on her opponent, rather than Bernie, is pretty smart at this point. She’s been unfocused. Focusing on centrist voters and putting all of the awful things that well-known Republicans have said about their own candidate in one place is a good start.


This isn’t true. Polling suggested that Perot supporters would have gone 38% Clinton, 38% Bush, 24% stay home if Perot wasn’t on the ticket. Clinton beat Bush because people liked Clinton and they didn’t like Bush…

I think Clinton could have a very easy time appealing to Republicans who want to stop being the Stupid Party and the Crazy Party but she’s got to go out and actually appeal to them. People have been trying to paint Trump as scary for nearly a year now to no avail. Are we suddenly all going to listen to establishment Republicans who have been soundly beaten an rejected, or are we going to listen to popular magazines that run, “Get to know the real Donald Trump” stories? (Where “we” includes neither you nor me, apparently)

She should be focusing her campaign on herself.



Source on numbers handy? Thanks.