Hillary Clinton campaign ad: mashup of Republicans bashing Trump

Honestly, because Trump does a good enough job of making himself look bad.

Conversely, some people tend to stick up for someone they view as being picked on or bullied. Or maybe they were lukewarm for Trump, but Hillary’s attacks were enough to make them wash off the Cheetos powder on their hands and go vote that day.

If I were her I’d make myself as appealing as possible. Any mud slinging Trump does she can honestly say he is just a big bully and she wouldn’t resort to such underhanded memes. (pun intended)



I’ve seen this somewhere else, but right now I found it on this New York Times article from just days after the election (good job with the digitization, NYT!)

In Canada we get a lot of “vote splitting” arguments because we tend to have more than two parties in any given election. When you look at the numbers vote splitting almost never turns out to be a factor in the result, and I think people overestimate how much it would affect this election as well if someone did run as an independent. For all we know, an independent running to the left of the leftwing candidate or to the right of the rightwing candidate is, other things being equal, a net positive for that candidate, because it makes them look like the centre candidate.


Agreed, and I would add that such ads make a lot of people wonder why she’s not taking a higher road and standing up in her ads for her own beliefs instead. Ads like this one fuel the question many have: “What’s she got to hide?” (Lots, actually)


This is very true. She seems to have smart people working her campaign and communications – at least, from the looks of it, ones who can put a snappily-edited ad together, with a friendly design style she’s carrying throughout her ads. So far she’s been too distracted by reacting to Bernie to establish an appealing personality. I hope that’s her focus going forward – to basically say “Hi, I’m Hillary. Here’s why I’m a great candidate,” and make it clear that Trump is so ridiculous and repellant that she doesn’t need to repeat what’s obvious.

I’d go even further in the high ground race and not even fire back. Any mudslinging Trump does just shrug. Say things like, “Yeah, that’s what he’s like.” or “What do you expect from him?” Act like you don’t even have time for the stuff he says because it’s all too stupid. I mean, I wouldn’t actually ignore him, I’d just state loudly and clearly as often as I could that I was ignoring him.


As much as I don’t really like her, I will give her credit that she is a good politician. She has Shadow like powers to cloud wo/men’s minds.

At any rate, once for sure we have the 2 nominations, watch Trump tap dance left, and Hillary right. Its fun.

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Then have someone else say it.


This for one: I Will Look Into It

If she thinks there isn’t someone at Goldman Sachs who has a recording of her speech that Trump can’t get a hold of, then she’s delusional.


I think that using Trump’s words against him require a more serious tone… what he’s saying isn’t a joke. I think these casual style attack videos will fail. I think it is weird to casually attack somebody saying such horrible things.

I realize it is conspiracy theory for Trump to be a Clinton campaign device. It’s somehow easier (or perhaps just more comforting) to believe that than the alternative.


My 97yo grandmother, on Hillary Clinton:

“I do not like her. I’ll tell you why. Because of her husband. He’s a womanizer. And if she won, he’d be back in the White House. I don’t want him there again. He’d have too much influence on her and I don’t like him,”

An interesting take, but I wasn’t about to start arguing with her on the matter. When I told her it’s her or Trump she said. What about Rubio? What about Bush? What about Kasich. “There must be a third choice”. The despair on her face is hard to put into words.


I also know an elderly person who says, that Bill Clinton would have too much influence in a Hilary Clinton presidency. It strikes me as kind of weird and sexist. I don’t think we’ll ever really know which one of Bill and Hilary is more the string-puller and which one is more the string-pullee.

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The most infuriating thing about this common criticism of Hillary is that Trump HIMSELF is a serial womanizer currently on wife #3. Somehow Trump’s supporters think that Bill’s sexcapades reflect worse on Hillary than Trump’s reflect on himself.



What’s your cell? You can talk to my grandmother yourself later today if you want :slight_smile:


Well one of the post election analysis pitfalls is assuming the polling is accurate, which isn’t always the case. But thanks for the info, it looks like he had less of an impact than I thought - or rather more Democrat support.

I see your point, but I still wish we had a weighted voting system so that there would be no nagging doubt.

Maybe he’ll be giving her tips on how to score with interns.

Edit: For the record my grandmother does not support Trump either. I’ll press her today for who she’ll be voting for.


I don’t think that racism’s a joke, either. But I also don’t think that using his own words against him makes Clinton as amoral as Trump, which is what you stated.

As others have said, I think her best tactic would be to let his own words lie where they are, and focus on herself. Hillary’s poll numbers shouldn’t simply be a reaction to Trump, she should establish herself as a solid candidate on her own terms.


Crazily enough, that’s exactly what my 90 yr old mother-in-law said about Hillary. She refused to have anything to do with her because her husband got a blowjob from an intern “and she didn’t divorce him”.

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I think she and/or her operatives are deploying that tone in an attempt to show that she can hang with the young ones. If so, it seems pretty clumsy to me, but then, I’m no longer a young one.

Perhaps Trump ease up on going after the critical female nonagenarian vote.