New Hillary Clinton campaign ad highlights Trump's KKK ties


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Ah, but Trump just explained that “Hillary Clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes.”

Conversely, Trump does his best not to have to see any people of color at all.


BAM!!! All it needed at the the end was Hillary dropping the mic.


“Crooked Hillary continues to divide Americans! Sad! Only I can divide people together as one to Make America Great Again! #ClintonTheRealRacist ~ Trump on Twitter, probably


“Make America Great Again” I think expresses the same desires behind “Back to Normalcy.” And let’s not forget that the 1920s were America’s last proudly narrow-minded and racist decade. Will the 2020s be similar?


Hillary doesn’t have to say a thing. That’s the beauty of it—it’s Trump and his supporters making a powerful case against his candidacy in their own horrible words.


Trump: "Hilary Clinton is a bigot!"
Clinton campaign: “WTF, dude - you literally have the support of the KKK and other white supremacists!”


So the question is “why is he actively trying to get his base to switch their support to his opponent?”


This is the ticket right here. If he denounces the KKK, there goes some of his base.
The more they can get him to backtrack from his most extreme statements, the more base he loses while not gaining anything. Neither centrists nor asshats will trust him.


But yet, they’ll still vote for him…


I guess I’m not so sure.


I’m one of the people that doesn’t really trust Hill but is still voting for her, I’m pretty sure he’s going to have a lot who don’t trust him.


Agreed. The Rs I know are conflicted. Seems like they want to vote R no matter what, and use examples of the Trump statues to prove the criticism of him is “mostly” unwarranted.


Just more lies. BoingBoing has a big website, or at least a normal-sized one. I haven’t heard any complaints about the size of BoingBoing’s website.


It’s not the size of the website that matters… :slight_smile:

(sorry I just couldn’t resist!)


Nonsense. The whole thing fits on my phone, and I don’t even have a large-screen model.


The thing is, even the most overt racists and bigots now generally don’t acknowledge that they’re racists and bigots. You see, it’s those other guys, the ones oppressing white heterosexual men by fighting for the rights of other people, they’re the real bigots! So the white supremacists aren’t bothered. Trumps’s aiming his rhetoric lately at the conservatives who are turned off by Trump’s racism (sometimes because of trepidation that in supporting him, it reveals their own racism), by providing a fig leaf they can use to pretend that Hillary’s the real bigot. I.e. the only-slightly-self-aware conservatives looking for any excuse to support Trump (that he’s still managed to alienate).


Research has proven that a phone can adjust to accommodate most sizes of websites, even big ones.




I trust her to exaggerate occasionally, be more conservative than I’d like, be good on women’s issues, OK on such things as crazy cops and campaign finance reform and not much good at all on wall street and bank regulation.
Women’s issues have always been up near the top of my concerns so… I’m optimistic, actually.