Polls not looking good for Trump after Orlando


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I have already accepted the fact, barring some come from behind dark horse that some how gets momentum, that Hillary will be the next president.

The voters already took a chance on Obama, twice, over “average” Republican runners. You think these same people, even those disgruntled with Obama not panning out like they had hoped, are just going to turn around and say “fuck it”, and vote for Trump? HAHHAHAHA Nope.

I mean, Hillary would have to eat baby on live TV for him to stand a chance. Even then I give it a 50/50 shot.


Quoth the Donald : “total losers!”


Wow… the image in my head…


Eh… I’m not so sure.

I think we’ve had a demographic shift and our polling methods are giving us less reliable predictions than before.

It’s always pretty split. And maybe Julian Assange will really release whatever he’s threatening to release. I’m sure both campaigns have their reputation destroying bombshells at the ready.

And we are just discovering the full extent of America’s idiocracy.

I mean. It looks stupid and ineffective because it is.


“…win in a landslide…” Unless her felonies come home to roost. We could see October Surprises to rival any seen before.


“Crooked Hillary ate live baby on TV. All the baby eaters love me. Pandering won’t help her. Sad.” ~ Trump’s Twitter feed


Ok, I have to say GIF is pretty spectacular and perfectly captures late-stage Drumph - and I clicked on this story while just happening to be listening to Donna Summers’ and Giorgio Moroder’s I Feel Love right about at this point



I don’t think it’s a safe bet for any candidate this far out. There are a lot of stupid and mean people who will always worship trump and his ignorance. The right wing has been invested in anti-Clinton madness since the 1990’s and there are lots of people who blindly hate Clinton because they’ve been told all manner of madness that the Clintons have done. The fact that none of it can be proven just confirms how devious the Clintons really are. Those people can’t change their minds because they can’t think for themselves. For the trumptsters however, if the orange idiot did eat a baby onstage there would be recipe books for baked babies all over Amazon quicker than you could say toddler teriyaki.

And if Clinton does wins I’ll bet the trumpites will be in the streets in full-on riot mode.


Sometimes I’m not sure which scares me more: Trump winning or how Trump’s supporters will take his loss.

Admittedly I still prefer the latter. I’ve heard people say for decades they’re willing to start another Civil War if X happens. It seems unlikely even Trump losing will be enough to push enough of them over the edge.


9 times out of 10, those kind of people are arm chair warriors, IMO.


You’re welcome.

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It’s a sad state of affairs that it takes a mass shooting to bring that creepy fuck tRump to heel.

At least something good finally is coming from this election cycle.


There seems to be a lot of whispers about Trump getting torpedoed at the convention. So much possible schadenfruede!


The Civil War was a thing because the majority of the states that seceded voted to do so. There’s no way you can get all of, say, Georgia to go Trump, let alone secede again.


It will be the classiest-sounding defeat since the 9th French Army was routed as Sedan! Sad!


they are surprisingly delicious and delightfully crunchy


I nominate this as the single greatest post of all time.