Donald Trump suggests Hillary Clinton be shot to death for picking Supreme Court judges


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That’s unusually subtle for him, given his existing track record of inciting his followers and other parties into attacking his rivals. I’m honestly surprised that it wasn’t more blatant.


Is there any point at which someone (the secret service?) steps in and says this is unacceptable?

Is there no test for being a fit and proper person? Just 35+, natural born, not done the job twice before, that’s it?


I can’t imagine that secret service would ever talk about it in public, but I wonder what they think of this asshole. Do they find him to be as dangerous as we do? I’m sure they have a duty to protect whoever they are told to protect, and I wouldn’t want them to do differently. I just wonder what they think.


If there ever were a prerequisite psych eval, it would either be subverted immediately or abolished by the majority of politicians who could not, in fact, pass it.


People usually get called in by the FBI for a talk after a public statement like that.


See, haters, he did read the Constitution.


Still, at least that Trump reboot is going well.


So after his strictly dictated GOP economic policy statement he managed to stay on script for less than 24hrs.

C’mon GOP, toss in the towel, take one for the nation. We’ll all owe you one and you could use it at this point.


Rock Bottom now lies so far above the Trump campaign that it’s like watching that expedition from “Journey to the Center of the Earth.”


[quote=“daneel, post:3, topic:83111”]
Is there any point at which someone (the secret service?) steps in and says this is unacceptable?
[/quote]Normally, the GOP leadership would. At least if they were a functioning political party. But they’re not, as their inability to keep Trump from being nominated reveals.


Sure, this looks bad, but on the other hand Hillary said something positive about Black Lives “Matter” this one time to one of the few of the blacks who isn’t voting for Trump, so at best, both sides are equivalent, but really Clinton is worse because of pantsuits or her voice or something.*


  • Trump 2016!


There’s precedent. Remember Sharron “2nd Amendment Remedies” Angle?


If I were in a position where my job requirement was to throw myself in front of a bullet aimed at President Trump, I think my reaction would probably be, "There aren’t enough hookers and blow in the entire world."


They’ve treated Obama ten times worse. I really don’t think people can stir up half the rage over Clinton that Obama got. YMMV.


I said it on this thread and I’ll say it here: this is one more log on the bonfire of similarity between Trump and his kindred spirits:


Of course, he just means that they can join their state’s National Guard, since that’s all the 2nd Amendment is about.

  1. You’re not helping.

  2. Actually congress has to approve judges, so you can apply pressure politically.

  3. Remember voting FOR something, rather than AGAINST something?

  4. Fear based politics.


You left one out…