Frank Schaeffer explodes at the GOP for its AMAZING duplicity in regards to Roy Moore and Trump


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Joy Reid is a treasure.




The amount of awfulness you have to close your eyes to in order to support the modern GOP is just O V E R W H E L M I N G. Rolling back women’s rights, gay rights, affirmative action, voting rights, health care, welfare, basic research funding, the arts, procedural norms in Congress, the Courts, and now the Executive office. Maximizing guns, petrobusiness, drug wars, ACTUAL wars, brutal immigration policies, LITERAL torture, and fear. They seem to actively despise the commonweal. They want you live your life afraid and cowed, and desperate for a big strong (whitesonlykplsthx) man to come and save you from all the misery that they seem intent on creating.

I will never forgive them, and I’m not even talking about that PoS dumpster fire they elected POTUS. I am talking about gerrymanders, vote suppression, stupid abortion laws, gun nuttery in the face of dead first graders, Merrick Garland, the nuclear option on federal appointments, letting CHIP expire, nonstop anti-science bullshit, and everything else they do and have done in their complete and utter debasement before their almighty Moloch of Money.


@4:55, the handshaking video. They all simply look like walking heaps of mashed potatoes dressed up in clothes.


May I use that in a song, PLEASE?


Yeah, it’s nice that more people are saying things like this. But let’s take the next step and add action to the words? How’s about you assholes stop voting for these monsters? Stop giving Trump what he wants, stop voting for his broken, con-job legislation, stop voting for his criminally unqualified nominees, stop cooperating with the GOP’s overt, objective evil.

Maybe then the words will start to mean something.


Anyone else hear someone gasp “Jesus!” at the end of that Moore voter interview (@4:22)? Wonder if that was the interviewer…


(to the tune of “Oh, Susannah”)

Well, the walking mashed potato
got dressed up in cowboy duds,
Then he tried to blame the victims
and appealed to holy blood.

Oh, you cracka!
Oh don’t you lie to me.
You’re a parody of a charlatan
Away to jail with thee…

All the Breitbart fans and the turtle man
were quick to take his side,
It doesn’t matter anyway
'cause well all know he lied…


Let this be a lesson to
the god squad and the boors:
This fate will befall you, too
if you wear your hat indoors.

(Chorus 2x)



around 3:46: “But they keep voting for them anyway”

That is the issue. Head in the sand. hands over their ears…shouting LA LA LA LA.

They simply cannot accept the reality in front of them; partially I am sure because its so horrific. Better to live in a fantasy land than accept it.


Thing is, if they can’t handle voting for Democrats, or some third party, they could always just stop voting.


That’s a keeper. But needs a psycho billy twang to it.


I’ve stated categorically that I am going to do something I have never done before in 2018 and 2020. I am going to select DEMOCRAT at the top of the ballot and vote for ALL democrats across the board. I used to split my vote to the candidates who spoke to my issues regardless of party…no more. Not until all the GOP are gone.


So people are just noticing this NOW?


I grew up in a conservative evangelical GOP family. We regularly went to L’Abri things (L’Abri is the organization founded by the Shaeffers). If Frank was ever mentioned, the response was usually kind of a sad head-shake and murmurs of “It’s too bad that he left the truth” or something to that effect.

Having made the journey from there to where I am now (liberal trans lesbian), I absolutely adore this video.


It’s always satisfying to watch someone who’s left behind dangerous craziness hoisting the dangerous crazies by their own petards.


“I would rather vote for a molester than a Democrat.”
“I would rather vote for a pedophile than a Democrat.”
“I would rather vote for a thief and murderer than a Democrat.”
“Why don’t you guys like Democrats?”
“Because they don’t understand our deeply held Christian morality!”


A fellow commenter at GoComics came up with “hoist on our own Dotard.”

I can but repeat it.


Frank S is almost as mad as I am about all this.


Agreed. Extreme times call for extreme actions.