Roy Moore continues to defy reality


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If there is one eternal truth it is this: those that consider themselves to be instruments of the Lord always reveal themselves to be tools.


At first I misread that as “continues to defy gravity.” Wouldn’t that be a thing to see?


In this race, we have not received the final count​ to include ​military and provisional ballots.

What an idiot. The provisional ballots are likely attempts at voter suppression that would go to Jones overwhelmingly. I don’t know why he thinks he’s going to get the military vote either. Unless he didn’t know that the military had been integrated.


It would great if he would just go ahead and get raptured the fuck off our planet, and take his “values” voters with him.


Maybe Roy Moore and his Base of the Lost Cause can move to Brazil.


Awesome suggestion that he join the confederates there, except that I like Brazil and they enough problems with their own right wing.


And have a Kool-Aid party?


It has become apparent that every one of these bizarre and fringey GOP candidates are in a constant state of “projection.” (Yeah, I know he’s not “fringe” for the GOP. I’m just talking “fringe” as in relative to the global population).

If Roy Moore expresses concern that the outcome of this election may have been the result of cheating, you can bet that he oversaw some unsuccessful attempts to cheat. If he states that some of his supporters were uncounted through illegal hijinks, you can be sure that he sought to disenfranchise voters.

I think we also need to send a swat team into the basement of his favorite pizza parlor.


Its like he has never read the actual Constitution or the Declaration of Independence!!!

There is no mention of YOUR God you ridiculous idiot.


Rapture already happened. Turns out that Prince and Bowie were the only ones to make the cut.


I’d like to laugh this off but I’m afraid he might just pull it off


One of the best responses was from Mike Huckabee, of all people.

But Rosario Dawson’s response was better.


tenor (2)


Ooo! Graphic novel idea! Confederate war criminals flee to Brazil in 1870, set up eugenics program. Fast forward to 1970, when at last the Reb Carnival Kwizatz Haderash is born…


We are indeed in a struggle to… set free a suffering humanity.

If, by that, he means those of us who are sick and tired of listening to his BS, I can agree with him!


In other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.


…and Lemmy


I’m assuming he’s recording this from inside a circus tent because he’s an actual clown.


Which I’m sure is one of the reasons the people of Alabama don’t think you should be in office.